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  1. I cannot clearly understand what this is for, some sort of collaboration with MMT to meet them in your city? I don't know.

    The sentence in English doesn't help either.


    And also, RBW please, don't use a misspelt hashtag... #365pracitce... It's not their first time I see, as a Yuki photo from December also has the same hashtag


    You think they planning to do some FanCons? like how it is with OneUs/OneWe maybe in a much smaller venue for K-fans.

  2. lmao this description, It's crazy how much I love Hyewon now when she was almost invisible to me during p48. Her personality is so unique


    Lol reminds me how much I dismiss her and Chowon in their audition but come and her joking about suddenly being the main rapper and girl have me hook, line and sinker - even if back then I have some other pick that is ahead of her. She was always there but wow when she come to IZ*One then suddenly there is alot more - there is always alot more coming into the surface. She just keeps surprising me and I keep falling.

  3. It's hard to comeback here.... :[ I just wanna be hype and join discussion.... :/ about the comeback.


    Before someone come at me saying you are that because your faves are... Stop (my bias are Hyewon, Hitomi, Yuri, Chaewon currently in that order). <- i should have some gripes but seeing them being so happy nowadays washes that away.


    Like Hyewon looks so alive in IZOne*Chu and a surprise Math Nerd ahmagahplz.png  and the spoiler's says that innocent rapper from hell is back. 

    And Hitomi is joining in more of the shenanigans and letting her savage side out more at the expense of the duck  hurrplz.png and also she get writing credit's happy for her.


    I'm happy the two of them are coming out of their shell.


    The B-sides seems to be to my liking and I like how they made the highlight medley letting each of their voice be heard there. ilikeitplz.png

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  4. Their gogobebe cover is at nearly 1 million views :OOOOO

    Subscriber count jumped to 94k :OOOO

    and it's just been 3 days and a few hours I'm shocked


    Oh wow. It jump :o. I was checking it 1 day after release and I thought nothing then it jump wow. Amazing.

    Here hoping they reach 100k subs before 1 year anniversary.  ahmagahplz.png


    Edit: I look at social blade and they added like 4k the day after the video is up O_O and has like 340k + views.

    Today they are up to 400k+ views. Wow.

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