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  1. They didn't upload a video on Friday and they didn't upload something on IG yesterday. 



    It's about the forest fire. Nothing unusual. took me a bit but after reading i figured it out.


    Most group for now out of respect to those who are suffering are refraining to post on their instagram, official channel etc. i,e BP cancelled their press con and some other group doing similar thing. IZ*One have not sent a private mail, and reduce posting members selca on their insta.


    Some of us outside might think what is the connection. It is kinda like a culture thing.


    See responses back in Sewol tragedy.

  2. 100k subs hit! What a great achievement. Waiting for that silver play button unboxing video now lol


    Yeah waiting for them to unbox it. ahmagahplz.png Yayy!!!! 


    No vid today.


    Waiting for next week then!


    This work out well for me , since I'm so tired yesterday - As soon as I saw their announcement , I proceed to sleep. lol.

    This made me realize that the girls vid is pretty much part of my routine, checking if they are up and watching them every Friday lol.

  3. Really Like you is making me cry, a really touching song.

    I like Sunflower and if I'm not wrong HiiNako opened the song.

    Also I love Airplane and Over the Sky sound so uplifting.   

    Since I'm judging Violeta in comparison to LVER - I love LVER a tad bit more,

    but that HyewonMinjoo rap killed me.

    Highlight is not a genre i listen too much so im not into it.


    Currently still listening to Neko and Gokigen up next.


    amgplz.png I love those profile and i am now conflicted - I want them in the OP. 


    They look good and i love Goeun keep Cherry Goeun XD but lol Yesol is Soru. - Their nicknames speaks for their personality lmao. hurrplz.png This my musictaste venture is giving us some good content. 

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