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  1. Sorry for not visiting some time ^

    Dropping by to say I miss them.

    I want them to go somewhere between elegant but not too girl crush. something to differentiate from newer group who are going teen crush. If they can incorporate more BG style dance in their choreo im into that. 

    One thing i trust RBW is that i know they will find a sound that will be theirs - and is more representative of what the members would like.

    So far they've manage to give their groups sounds that are pretty much that group identity.

    I kinda lowkey want it to 365 just because I like that intro 🤣 Watch ME 3 - 6 - 5 and that samyogo song that the girls are trying to make.

    edit: (word)

  2. 7 hours ago, ONEMOO365 said:

    Yeah me too, everyday I check theit Instagram and yt. But honestly I really think that they are preparing something. Plus (maybe  I'm thinking too hard) Eunseong said on one of her post that she really likes Fall and she couldn't wait it, Jieun also talked about sm similar but I'm not sure, and here is my theory, maybe they will announce us something more official around this time, or maybe I'm just wrong...

    Let me know what you think about it and if you have so theory like me...

    Im pretty bad at theories lol.

    I like your take, i would be happy if that is the case. Truth be told i dont see the girls debut till next year around maybe apr onwards. who knows but I do expect RBW to pull some sort of project for them - like how they did with oneus/we and their fanmeet/con. 

    They already started with always so maybe something like that. If they can pull a debut reality show like let's debut [girls ver] that will be fantastic.

  3. 18 hours ago, ONEMOO365 said:

    AAAHHHH That's right I forget about Chuseok's event, it's a bit like holiday right ?? So now as you say, it sounds a little more likely, but as you said before, the former members left the agency around this time so I can't feel relaxed until I get some news from them...

    nervous chewing gum GIF

    Also I listened to all their of lunchBox Project so far I can't decided between Sujin and Eunseong's song, and I can't wait for Jieun and Yuki's one.Especially for Yuki because she still needs to show us her singing...



    I know the stress. It's been almost a habit to check their yt every friday and im starting to be antsy. Sorta miss the girls already and it feels like months and then XD to realize last update is 3 weeks ago the week before Chuseok in instagram.

  4. 12 hours ago, ONEMOO365 said:

    It seems that we are back to 6 members😆 but the thing is they didn't post anything since Sujin post🤨, and it's kinda worried me because I'm scared that one of them left the agency just like Dohae or Sungeun did....😟😟

    stressing big brother GIF by Global TV

    What i understand from Sujin is something along the line that mayhaps she cant join the filming and other event being a middleschooler, compare to the highschoolers (yuki) and since the rest of unnies are all out of hs now. [curfew] - she just finish her qualification exam so hopefully kid can have more free time to join the unnies. 

    Now that her she going to be highschooler soon she probably will hopefully be able to join the other 5.

    Last post is 2/3 weeks ago and its before chuseok. 

    So im not raising alarms yet ^-^.  [it was like 2months no update last yer so yea i understand the nervousness 0 it was around this time too]

    Oh btw have you heard their lunchbox project song?
    they are all so good - personally i love sujins one but depending on my mood i love all of them.

    I wonder if Yuki and Jieun will release one in that project. [they are the only ones who have yet to do so]

  5. Why does it seem like we're back to OT5 again... sigh...


    Yeah it seems so. :/


    heres the vid for this week... I'll miss Sujin. [there is no more member where i can say I practically summoned them by mistaking every new one was her until its her warstarplz.png ]




    Our logo song...a bit more clearer... but somehow this is somewhat sad..


    but then i guess this is the trouble of following a predebut group - its not final until its final...

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