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  1. 4 hours ago, Keonhee has a big mouth said:

    I love this name.

    It's happening, omg, omg. 2 years and 150k subscribers (which is a fantastic achievement) later. I'm excited oof. It will take me a while to get used to the stage names.

    I've stopped being active here as well, just lurking a lot.

    I didn't notice that the videos with the former trainees are gone, it's a shame because some of them were their most viewed, especially the Hip cover, but oh well, it's understandable considering the turned the 365Practice channel to the Purple K!ss channel. I just wish the videos remained somewhere so that people could view them.

    edit: oh wait they're just unlisted lol you still have the 2nd post with the vids so we actually can see them

    Videos are just unlisted - they still there in the channel you just need the link can use my spreadsheet or this spreadsheet that have them back up in google drive.
    We have made sure they are back up.

    As for insta picture all former trainee picture are remove from insta but remain int rbw_i insta.  

    I kinda wanna give up being OP here - as the site is not really enjoyable to visit for me anymore. I'll still update the OP.

  2. Hello as you know Girl's will probably Debut Soon. This needs a new OP.

    [Honestly OneHallyu just doesn't feel much home so I just dont feel dropping by here lol. Unlike before.]

    Let's Support Them!!! Hwaiting Jieun - Goeun - Eunseong- Chaeyeong - Seoyeong - Yuki

    It took us alot of time, trainee changes, and trainee leaving. It's like we have a stan a group with many changes for the past two years. Now it seems we are seeing the light and we will finally see them on stage, in their dream.

    Goodbye and Thankyou 365. Here's for the tomorrow of your Dream.

    [I'm on twitter / fangirling over all my GGs]


    Video Links in Spreadsheet link in OP is still updated.

    As you know alot of Vids has been unlisted.

  3. 7 hours ago, Ash3070 said:

    Looking forward to their debut :3 Surely it HAS to be the beginning of 2020, right? Because Mamamoo contracts expire in 2021 and even though they probably WILL resign and I don't think there's anything to worry about there, from a business perspective, RBW should be thinking worst case scenario. And in that eventuality, you want to have another somewhat established girl group in the wings. You don't want a girl group that's costing more to promote than they're bringing back in at that point. Not to mention, they probably would want Mamamoo to promote their little sister group to try and turn some Moomoos into 365 stans as well. SURELY debut will be early 2020..

    Based on clues its earliest is feb and latest is somewhere apr/may.
    that 11 something feels like a clue and the 6 of them are slowly being brought out to festivals.
    MMM / Vromance/ Oneus all went to the same thing before debut. So they being in that sewing festival is already a sign.

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