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  1. Finally finished backreading the whole thread. (yeah because I have lots of time).
    Pretty amazing seeing the journey Mamamoo took and how much the fandom grew.
    Some Observation from my 1000page back read; I put it in spoiler because it is wall of text.

    1. From the beginning it really show Mamamoo is different (where am i during this times).
    2. Bias list got wreck, page 640 onwards have Wheein coming like a wrecking ball.
    3. Hwasa is all sass, fierce - Her presence really standout from the beginning.
    4. Despite Hwasa's presence. Moonbyul really have this something that make you look at her. She is captivating.
    Random story:  I told one of my former student, who loves kpop, that I officially entered a Kpop fandom, telling her I stan Mamamoo. She said she heard about them and she like the one with short orange hair. I sent her a vid of the performances that
    got me into Mamamoo and she change to casual passing by fan to a Moonbyul stan.
    5. And how about Puppy Whee - She just manage to become more gorgeous and stunning each coming promotional cycle. 
    6. Bias list of Moonbyul and Wheein almost got wreck by Solar's Abs.
    7. They are already good when they begin and they become better  great and they still have room for improvement.
    8. Solar, every time you do those long high notes I hold on for my dear life.
    9. The fandom is just as weird. I officially profess my allegiance to this weirdness.
    10. They are squad goals, they remind me of how me and my college friends when we are together.
    11. I love how during Melting Full album announcement (January) Everyone wants to be optimistic yet have done modest and slightly pessimistic estimates. Only to watch Mamamoo smash their estimates left and right.
    12. Mamamoo release a single on my Birthday - I miss you. It is only now i realized i was gifted.
    13. I love the album covers - props to RBW.
    14. As much as I love power vocals, there are many in my country. Many of them just hurt my ears with belting left and right. Mamamoo is not one of them, they cleanse my ears- They made me watch live perf repeatedly. They have intensity but they don't tire you out, because they give you space to breath.
    15. Mamamoo is closer to their dream of being an Icon more than they realized.
    16. To the people who said "When you are having bad time, remember there is Mamamoo." It is correct in my situation- Mamamoo literally save me (It is personal). I am glad Mamamoo is here. 
    17. Mamamoo made me walk the talk. (Shut up and take my Money). Mamamoo have my money- I ordered their album. 
    18. I read that Mamamoo's visual and korean standards does not mesh. But for me Mamamoo member are all great looking girls. For someone who have hard time remembering names and connecting it to faces I am glad that Mamamoo's member have distinct features. I have connected their name to their faces immediately, a feat that will make my student's roll and shade me because I can't remember names even though they are like 5 new faces in our club. 
    That is all my musing. 




    Why did not I know them few months back I am still asking because, two batch of people I know (My Aunt the other one My collegues) went to Seoul, Korea last week and I'm here at home staring at the ceiling.
    They sent me some package Kimchi, but all i want is Melting full album and some posters. Ah Life.

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  2. i really want to buy their album physically but kpop album in my country is expensive, so i ended buying their songs on itunes. you can buy the pinky funky from itunes but the others physically if you want :smile:


    I think I'll just do it that way. I'm kinda sad though to not get Pink Funky physical since I like Pink Funky a lot because "freaking shoes". 

    Meanwhile - I'm backreading this thread. How come I have only known Mamamoo this year.

  3. Hello again fellow Moomoos.

    Would it be better to buy physical or should I just buy from itunes.
    I was about to buy from kpoptown but found that Pink Funky Mini Album was not available. I'm now deliberating of just buying all from itunes or still physically purchasing the albums.

    Thank you, fellow Moomoos.

    @Heechul, Wheein collab I agree that the instruments do drowned their voices. I was actually kinda disappointed halfway through it since i want to hear more of their voices but in the end the guitar is too loud specially i think the second half of the song, towards the ending, I almost did not hear Wheein's High note.

  4. I was just watching the vid where solar drew the bunny and teletubbies and hwasa couldn't stand it anymore and passed the drawing to whee-in to salvage it. Thought whee-in did a very good job sprucing up the picture and i went to find other stuff that whee-in drew and found this:



    credit: 뀰님


    That's honestly really pretty?? Wheein is such a talented girl, she nailed dancing, singing, comedy, impromptu rap and she can draw so well too?? Impressed.

    They are cute and pretty. I like her drawing style too. Wheein adding more reason for me to like her. What else she cannot do. She sings, she dance, she is good in archery and she can draw. :ahmagah: 

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  5. Welcome! New account, first post, and first group stan! Upvote for you! :lol:



    So many new moomoos in here... the radish field is growing!  :ahmagah:



    Thanks :)

    The fandom sure is growing:

    I draw this today as my avatar XD. I really love this two and I can't decide between them and sometimes between four of them.


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  6. Hello, New Moomoo here.
    Long time lurker in Onehallyu but I just created an account today. For what, for the sole purpose of joining this thread and fandom.
    I have listen to random Kpop song and a casual fan of some groups and soloist (Miss A, 2ne1, Akmu, Lee Hi, F(x)) until I got hit by Mamamoo. Mamamoo is the only group I can say that I stan hard. This is the only group in where i watch available videos I can find in youtube in a span of two weeks.


    I got slayed, i think.

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