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  1. Yoake no Kodoku >>>>>>>>>> Glass Wo Ware!

  2. *****Going on hiatus until August. Please pm ahjumma Laugh with any requests or questions you have. I'll check in periodically/randomly*****
  3. I asked Sad and he said 4 is the max amount of rings you can own.
  4. Q: How do I purchase a stamp? A: When purchasing a stamp, the user must: 1. Send the appropriate amount of platinum tokens (40) to the Events Team Prizes Account 2. Create a PM with sadface, Ron Swanson, and Ahjumma Laugh 3. Include in your PM: A < 139 x 59 pixel picture or gif of your desired stamp. A group title that will ll be put between your DP and banner A color hex code to color your username 4. Stamps will last for 2 weeks.
  5. Since you already chose an option before, I'm gonna have to say no you can't change.
  6. Item tokens can't be sent out until we're off of safemode because the marketplace is disabled. I'll send the tokens when the site is good.
  7. You should pm us requests, not post in the thread
  8. Since this is a mini game that'll be finished in a day, it won't be necessary to pin it. Sorry for the inconvenience guys, we're making up a list of guidelines for game pinning since the forum game/battle hunting section is getting clogged with pinned threads. We'll release the list soon!
  9. send the 3 plat tokens to the events team prizes account and i'll update the spreadsheet.
  10. When did you ask for 20 platinum tokens? Didn't see a request.. I don't see your name on the spreadsheet either.
  11. Losers watching a movie right now so thats why theres no immediate response. But we'll figure it out when they're done
  12. You've asked too late. We're both saying no
  13. how many tokens will you request? We don't do wons because the token system account is majorly in the negatives. :/
  14. has this been done yet? if not i'll do it
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