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    OK guys, I'm leaving the shithole that is OneHallyu. It's been almost a year since I joined and I honestly want this year back lol there's literally nothing I liked about this forum at all. The only thing that kept me here was you guys. You're awesome and I'm so glad I got to meet and interact with you.
    I'll be on twitter tho spreading my BigBang love all over the world and educating peasants about how amazing, revolutionary and One Of A Kind BigBang is :hoplz:

    Take care, guys. Keep loving BigBang and supporting them. Whether you're a new fan or an old fan, you still loved and supported BigBang so I love you all no matter what. You guys have great taste. People shit on VIPs all the time for supposedly having a superiority complex but heck why shouldn't we? We stan the Kings, a group that inspired a lot of many groups nowadays and put their own mark in the Kpop industry. A group that pays close attention to every little thing they do from composing their lyrics to arranging their own stages.


    Their accomplishments speak for themselves no matter how hard delulu and pressed people try to bring them down. They've been through a lot for the last 11 years, we've been through a lot together with them lol we both managed to come out better every time.


    Don't forget, if there are any trash threads trashing BigBang or VIPs here then report them. If there are dumbass people who barge into this thread to attack you then report them. Don't be quiet or silent. You all deserve the best in the world.

    Take care everyone.

    Sorry for being extra by writing this here lmao :rlytearpls: but I didn't want to leave before I tell you all goodbye.



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  2. Anyway, my rant, why are people being so petty? Kpop isn't serious to the point you would harass someone on her account, send her threats and say you're gonna physically beat her up?

    Take a chill pill. wow

  3. lolol i dont mind yaoi in fact i-i-i love it  is novel form hard to read? ive never read anything in novel form before :(

    Same :ninja:. I'll pm you, I think convo in the rant thread isn't allowed lol

  4. Im just wake up..why that thread got locked!!


    So gaon dont apologies to VIPs too?

    Because people can't discuss things normally and instead would love to trashtalk VIPs and BigBang instead :D

    They apologized for the inconvenience and the pain they caused lmao they did admit the stage producer didn't check the vcr before using it so it's their fault. All the people who said we're overreacting can slap themselves for all I care.


    Nice. Did we make a thread about this? Of course not :ninja:

  5. So many masochist people here. If you don't like something, stay away from it. If you don't like a song, don't listen to it. If you don't like a thread, don't read it. Why are y'all doing this to yourselves? You've only got yourself to blame.

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  6. I just woke up and I should be eating something but instead here I am :imstupid:


    Anyway, here, have a beautiful Daesung to brighten up your day and anybody from whatever fandom they are who bring him up and trashtalk him can CHOKE!




    Thanks for this.


    I just wanted to clarify this... when I said I apologised it was more for this shit getting out of hand, not as a way to defend them or whatever. I know I did nothing wrong at all. I just felt guilty knowing that I could've at least shut some of them up by speaking rationally but instead I left it thinking it would resolve itself (lol). I just wanted them to see that it's not all of us being delusional but I guess I did it in the wrong way. I'm still really mad that VIPs were constantly being dragged in all the threads for 10+ pages just because no one wanted to accept that all we wanted was an admission. The mockery was really annoying as well. And bringing up DS was probably the most inhumane thing I've seen... I'm not going to ask them for an apology but I really hope they realise what the bigger picture looks like. It's pitiful. Sorry guys.



    I wasn't talking about you in particular, you can do what makes you feel comfortable and what you think is right.

    I, on the other hand, am still butthurt for being attacked non-stop for the last couple of days from the other fandom and being called all kinds of names and slurs and I want my apology but I know I'm not gonna get it so... :ohpressor:


    What this issue showed is the double standards tho. Remember the Hanteo's fiasco? The NB comments were pretty much the same as the ones now, talking about how 'VIPs got most of the hate, poor them' and I expected the members here to actually sympathize with this but... they still blamed VIPs :imstupid:

    Now look at the difference in reaction lol


    Whatever, I'm too old for this childish shit. I just wanna eat some cookies and drink my coffee and wash the dishes and stuff, I don't have time for this lol



  7. I gotta get this off my chest and here because all the threads are locked YET AGAIN. So sorry:



    I ain't gonna apologize to anyone. I didn't trashtalk that group, I didn't trashtalk their fans, all I wanted was an admission that the stage was stolen and whoever did this to apologize. Why should I apologize? Heck no.

    The other people on the other hand who:


    1. turned everything about this issue into VIPs bashing fest

    2. threw all kinds of shit at VIPs from dumb, stupid, retards, idiots, pathetic, desperate, threatened

    3. mass negged everybody and made dupes on our MAIN THREAD to negstalk us

    4. who harassed the producer on her account and tried to hack it that SHE HAD TO DELETE HER ACCOUNT! NO BITCHES, SHE DIDN'T DELETE HER ACCOUNT AFTER GAON'S STATEMENT! IT WAS DELETED AFTER THE HACKING INCIDENT YESTERDAY. Stop spreading bullshit. I know some of y'all are lurking so READ THIS.

    5. who harassed GD on his instagram too!

    6 who dug every BigBang scandal in existence to trashtalk them and VIPs and kept deflecting!!


    People trashing the producer should stfu. She's been cyber bullied to the point she had to delete her account! People making fun of her for feeling angry about her hard work on the stage being shamelessly stolen, where's your apology? Where's your damn apology, huh? I ain't here for this. I did nothing wrong to apologize for it.

    The fact that Gaon made a statement about this means THEY KNOW the stages were similar and had to apologize for it. It wasn't a 'non-issue' or a dumb issue or us overreacting.


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  8. Honestly, even if Kvips drag this on, it's not gonna affect the Bigbang member's reputation or anything like that. They've survived much much muchhhhhh worse. It sucks if this brings a bit of hate when their solos come out, but the love from fans and the general public will greatly outweigh it. Bigbang are way above this lol.

    I don't think anything will happen to the guys (hopefully) it's VIPs who are gonna get dragged lol remember the Hanteo issue? VIPs were dragged instead of Hanteo that made the wrong calculations in the first place.

    Meh, VIPs have been through a lot so this is not that bad :har:

  9. Yes please!


    Is it too much to ask for an MV of their collab?? Hopefully it's not just released as a b-side.

    YES! :rlytearpls: I'm still sad his collab with Baauer and MIA didn't have a proper MV.


    I can't wait to see what Seungri and Youngbae come up with. Really looking forward to their solos this year. Then... I'm out. No more Kpop for me until all the guys safely discharge from the military lol.

  10. Anyway, soooooo

    FXXK IT will hit the 1mil mark next week? Damn, this song is seriously silently killing it. If we talk impact then BANG BANG BANG is the most impactful song in MADE. But if we talk in numbers I think FXXK IT comes 2nd (imo super close to first right after BBB). 35 PAKs, 28 roofhits, topping instiz chart for 3 weeks in a row, more streams, took 11 week to hit the 1mil mark, got the highest digital score of the year...

    Seriously? I'm in awe. YG should've pushed this song more, it would've gone viral because it's the perfect song for that. It's chill and great to listen to and never gets boring. And to think BigBang came up with the song while they were just bored and didn't know what to do :har:


    I miss them so much :rlytearpls:



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  11. So, are we the only fandom on this forum that got someone openly bashing them in the Official Thread and still we are being chill and cool about it? Not to mention all the dupes and lurkers downvoting the posts too.

    I love this fandom






    And I saw a post too bringing back Daesung's accident.


    I'm conflicted tbh. Do I want this to continue and not let them just step on us or do I quietly let this go? But every time we defend, it's the boys that gets bashed not me. They don't know me, they will always go for Bigbang, and Bigbang didn't even start this.


    If only they keep the members out, it's easy to lash out. Their arguments aren't even that well thought out. But we can counter all we want and they might just lash out on the members. 


    If this gets big and then the members get bombarded about this during their solo promos, I'd really feel bad tbh. We may cause more harm than good to them.



    I'm not even in the mood today to fight at all. I woke up very early today before my alarm goes off, I had a tiring and shitty day at work, I still can't find my fav onion chicken cup noodles ( :rlytearpls: ) and I'm sick... this is NOT what I wanted us to talk about while we wait for the guys' solos... but here we are.


    You know how I think this whole issue will end up like? Gaon might release a statement about how it was just a technical error (from the 90s lol) and it's gonna be a wrap up. The Feeling thing? It's just sampling!!!!! and that's it.
    Do I want this issue to end? YES, because if anything some people are taking it way too far and being too low and shitty by dragging the BigBang members into this mess (especially Daesung) and I don't want them to go through this shit of immature fans whining and crying on their instagram about how much they suck, how much they're over, how much they're old and ugly >_> honestly, I'm just glad Daesung doesn't use sns at all, I wouldn't want him to read all that shit.


    If only YG gave a shit, but he doesn't. I mean, he didn't even sue that Russian singer? He doesn't bother suing the hate comments so... yeah, he's not gonna do anything now lol



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