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Status Updates posted by PeaceMinusOne

  1. come in come in come in baby take my hands

  2. nananana knock on my door

  3. <3

    1. BananaBongs


      Omg I was like "who dis" until I saw that we're already friend lmaoo <3

    2. PeaceMinusOne


      I was selva3bd before lmao

    3. BananaBongs


      Yup I knew when you changed your name to FXXK IT but after that I didn't spend much time on OH to know lol

  4. It's OK to be short and skinny, it's me.

  5. You think I'm an (elitist) asshole? Yas bish, I am.

  6. you mothfucka, stop change my banner >(

  7. I love your signature <3

    1. Lalala~


      thank youuu ^^ GD is love â¤ï¸ï¸

  8. Thank you for the add xo

  9. Killua and Alluka ;_;

    1. aiwazerodesu


      cuties <3 T_T I'm a sucker for good siblings relationship.

  10. I love your signature *_*

  11. GD leader. The best leader. My leader. Your leader. Our leader.

  12. Thank you for the add <3

    1. Maiko Kyoka

      Maiko Kyoka

      You're welcome <3

  13. Where's your signature from omg?

    1. KimChae


      It's from a Vapp channel+ commercial http://www.vlive.tv/video/20544

    2. PeaceMinusOne
    3. KimChae


      You're welcome!

  14. horny 24/7 thanks to Jiyong... what to do now :/

  15. How come we never were friends before? omg! Thank you for the add love <3333

    1. PromiscuousBunny


      I think it might be because we've never really talked before lol XD. Np!

  16. I thought you're a dude but you're a dudette XD

    1. bb4


      lmao really? why? :D I, on the other hand, assume every kpop fan is a girl lmao

    2. PeaceMinusOne


      Someone asked me if you're a guy and I was shocked lmaooo

    3. bb4


      maybe i should fangirl harder lmao

  17. Excuse me, cuse me, baby, cuse me, cuse me

  18. aww thank you for the add babe <3333

    1. KimChae


      My pleasure <333

  19. This forum is legit filled with actual kids who are butthurt 24/7 :/

  20. I have a major crush on Hwasa right now.

  21. roaches everywhere >___> I don't love y'all!

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