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  1. agreed. tho some pull it off it's like the blush of plastic surgery - all it takes is a tiiiiiny bit too much and you end up looking strange 

    Yeah....lip fillers just look obviously fake. You can easily tell their lips are not like that.



    Now thinking about it, I think that's what Oh My Girl's Mimi & Yooa did, they already had nice lips but they looked fuller in Remember Me era






    specially Mimi's


    tumblr_nnh7ctkKpP1sy8x5ho3_400.gif 2c276c90a9a3dfab627cf766b0e8f538c8efc018  tumblr_ph87i3xaC31usvzv9o7_250.gif

















    Before everytime i saw a female idol with bigger lips compared to before i assumed it was just makeup but now....

    This is one of the "PS trends" i didn't want to get spread in the K-industry....

  2. All this article says (according to the bad automatic translator) is that they think it would be early to debut a new gg because Red Velvet just started to get popular over the past 2 years which...I really don't think is true like, they got a triple crown with ICC which was basically their debut song and all their releases since have had general public impact plus this so I rly think that part of the article was just the authors prediction while the rest was just NCT stuff that was already announced

    RV didn't get a triple crown with ICC but yes this just seems like the journalist's opinion. It's not coming from SM.

    Journalists can write a lot of things, it doesn't mean it's true. At the end of the day, it's up to SM.

  3. Twice Chaeyoung didn't get anything done, and definitely not her eyes. A lot of ppl who had monolids or inner lids when they were young, get a more visible crease when they get older. This is a lot more common than ppl think.



    Ohh i always thought her nose looked unnaturally perfect lol I doubt it's just fillers but idk...

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  4. ok.. so was it ever confirmed the song was 'to twenty"?


    I checked the translate of that post and says:

    " Sharp (Yeri) 'to the water': 2019.3.14. 6 PM (KST)"


    although the translation could be wrong since those things never translate accurate word for word laugh.png

    Yes it's To Twenty. It's written ìŠ¤ë¬¼ì—게 which is To Twenty.


    I think I'll never have the energy to come up with my own top 3.

    Lol same. 

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  5. It was Yeri's birthday party, so here are some things she said/that happened. More translations of fanaccounts in this thread


    - She filmed an MV for To Twenty. These are pics from the MV set :


    - She sang some song and she sounds soo good !!

    The covers are in spoilers


    Jessie Ware "Say you love me" (part 2 under the tweet)

    1000 (she's crying TT)

    Yoo Jae Ha "Hidden Road" (part 2 under the tweet)

    Zion t "Two melodies"



    - She made 30 photocards for fans. She originally made 125 at first, so she showed the rest to fans on the screen.

    - She loves her RF blonde hair the most, and she said she wants to go blonde again but her hair is damaged.

    - She thought she looked the prettiest in Red Flavor era.

    - She said her new song is coming soon (don’t know if she’s talking about To twenty or a new song).

    - She said she wrote 1000 thinking about her trainee days and fans.

    - They have 10 days vacation and she's going to Sapporo with a friend.

    - She read a letter she wrote to fans, where she told them how their love for her isn’t one-sided.rlytearpls.png 










    Also Instiz post about Yeri's blonde hair in RF : https://onehallyu.com/topic/772548-pannatic-yeri-reveals-the-era-where-she-thinks-she-looked-the-prettiest/

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