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  1. Did SM really announce the collab literally less than a day before it dropped?????  Like no hype? no anticipation??? no excitement??????? nothing???????????????????????????????????????????? only getting news from a source that we even doubted at first. 


    Why can't SM use social media when it's literally freaking free???????????? The entire promotion department at SM is a freaking waste.


    What's the point of having a collab with an artist if no one knows it's fucking happening wthplz.png


    This is also happening with their lackluster release of their Japanese album and promotion of the singles. If this happens to their Korean CB ISTG twitch.gif

    Everything you said !!!


    The song is good but i don't see the point in releasing a """collab""" like this if it's not gonna get promoted. Heck we're not even asking about actual promo because that's asking too much lol but a notice beforehand and not the last minute would have been welcome....

  2. Since it's April 1st in Korea, here are some Yeri pics posted by fansites of other idols. I'm glad a lot of non fans like her and i'm seeing more Yeri pics this year compared to the last one rlytearpls.png

    BtoB Sungjae (more pics in the first account) :




    TXT Soobin :



    Monsta X Kihyun (more pics in the account) :



    Astro Sanha :



    There are a lot more but i can't post everything lol

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  3. Hello! So excited to be a part of this thread. Proud ReVeluv (WHEN WENDY SAID IT I NUTTTTT)! 

    My ult bias is Wendy so expect a lotta Wendy in this thread. I love all the members....Either Joy or Seulgi is my bias wrecker. <333333

    I went to their LA Concert and I had an amazing time. They are all so talented. Whoever says they lack stage presence or chemistry is delusional. I lost my voice that night. No regrets! iloveyouplz.gif iloveyouplz.gif





    Hello and welcome here !!

    If you need help with anything concerning the forum you can PM me anytime :lol:


    when is yeri leaving for the jungle?

    I've seen ppl on twitter say April 1st.

  4. What idols with PS have aged well so far? I know a lot of procedures require regular touch ups, etc, but who has still managed to look a lot like themselves with all the procedures and touch ups included?


    Also, who here would get PS or has gotten PS? I keep thinking about a nose job.

    Hyoyeon comes to mind. She's honestly one of the best looking SNSD members and 2nd gen idols right now. Her face looks great and not plasticy.

    Maybe because even tho she got procedures, she doesn't have the typical PS face.

    the only problem she has is her makeup/styling that is hit or miss 


    Also i'd never do PS. I'm satisfied with myself. It's not that i think i'm perfect lol but i'm satisfied :lol:

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