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  1. Omg whyyyy ? i'm disappointed tbh.......

    56 minutes ago, eternal glow said:

    I saw people saying that it could be a remake of other people's songs and not their own songs? That could be pretty interesting if it's the case. Didn't IU release a remake album some time ago(?) and it was pretty good. 

    Yes IU did that before but she actually released singles and the album is a remake of old Korean songs not her own.

  2. 1 hour ago, Matthew said:

    As if its your last - got better with time

    Russian roulette - got better with time

    Aged - ice cream cake sadly

    Love me right - got better with time

    Peekaboo aged too

    Growl - still the same bop it ever was


    Those on top of my head now

    And i agree with "I" tbh, it's one of the weakest taeyeon singles if not the weakest

    No words matt lol

    Just the other day you were praising it non stop. Should have expected this from you.

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