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  1. 1 hour ago, MelanatedBeauty said:

    he...does know stuff such as horse riding, cycling etc.. can also break the hymen right?


    1 hour ago, moving castle said:

    And the doctor never educated him about the hymen? The hymen is NOT an indication for virginity. Many girls still have an intact hymen even after they had sex, some hymen break when you do sports and some girls are  even born without a hymen.

    It‘s upsetting that his daughter has to endure this procedure every year, because her father is so uneducated.


    The doctor did. He actually asked the doctor what other ways can break an hymen, and when the doctor told him he just said that his daughter doesn't practice any sport or anything.

    Anyway he's trash, imagine being so hung up on smth like that...no words.

  2. I just saw the news about Jungkook's accident. I'm glad it was nothing big and that both him and the taxi driver are fine. I'm also glad they settled everything in an amicable way.

    I'm afraid the Jungkook hate will come back once again tho, just when it finally started dying down.

  3. 1 hour ago, Yanagi said:

    I saw somewhere that the girls debut in April and the boys debut in October

    I think it's a allkpop thread about SMPI20 tweets but they deleted the tweet and replaced it with something else

    Ohh interesting. But yes i'm sure the girls are gonna debut before the boys.

  4. 1 hour ago, Noriko said:

    Isn't weird to try to find a last minute vocal if they already planned to debut them in 2020 ? Can it be for the next group ? Is there any indication on the age for this contest ? 

    What do you all think ?

    I also don't think it's for this group, even tho a lot of ppl think they can add a member last minute. 

    They said it should be someone from 12 to 19 years old. 

    Idk...i think they're looking to debut a new solo, that's why they're holding this contest.

  5. 1 hour ago, Cat of The Canals said:

    Hmmm starting to think that RV might not be until Dec. EXO's coming soon teaser just dropped. I don't think SM has ever teased two main groups together, so Day3 might be in Dec.  But then the album hints made it seem like it would be late Oct/early Nov so idk. Anyway, I'm just hoping it's not a RBB situation....

    It was definitely pushed. I'm sure it was supposed to be late october-early november...

    Coming back in October was already a bad idea but December is even worse lol

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