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  1. lmao "it's a foul to be this good looking"?

    the journos are always so ott with their headlines lol.

    national treasure lmfao

    and Doyoung too! his mic problems didn't let his voice shine

    they keep going on about how he looks like a manga character. I saw at least 3 reports on how he looked like he came out of a comic. I think the reporters are secretly g.o.d.



    via iloveyuta

    Lol yeah some article titles are so cheesy and cringeworthy tbh. And yes i remember the reaction of G.O.D when they first saw Taeyong loool.

  2. but i still dont know which one to watch.will start ep5 seoul soon and i watched the day1&2 live and sukira.out of the rest,which one is the best?

    I recommend you to watch their Mv commentary it's so funny http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x482gse

    And you should also watch NCT Life in Bangkok; there a lot more members and even the rookies...

  3. i checked the first page and i cant seem to find their shows list(variety show,talk show,radio show and things like that)does anyone know where can i see list of their shows?thank you :)

    Check this YT Channel. There is a playlist with their shows in eng sub. You can start from here :)



    And this one for Radio shows


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