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  1. "I'll Be Your Warmth" is such a nice song. Yeri's voice really shines in slower songs. I'm glad she got the opportunity !!

    Btw the song's highest position on Melon is 68. I don't really have expectations when it comes to that but hoping it stays charting at least for a day.

    Also, Yeri went live on insta for some minutes :



  2. 3 hours ago, Koya said:

    It sounds really great, is there any info about when a studio version will be out?

    Seulgi said it was specifically made for the concert but there's a possibility it might be released in the future...let's hope !!

  3. 1 hour ago, Yanagi said:


    So both the idol group next year are gonna have international promotions?

    I guess SM is aiming for America, so they must be talented, and many English speakers I guess? 

    There was another article saying that SM is also planning to debut a new global group, beside the new gg and bg... 

    Translations are so different we can't know what they mean for sure. I don't think SM is gonna push them towards international promo in their first year.

  4. I mean you said it yourself...Her family wanted everything to be private and i think everyone should respect that.

    I'm not sure why everyone is pulling all sort of conspiracy theories...it's just sad and some have been very disgusting to read too.

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