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Status Updates posted by blue7kaoru

  1. Thanks for the add ^^

    1. Yeriana Grande

      Yeriana Grande

      No problem, we like a lot of the same groups :D

    2. blue7kaoru
  2. Thanks for the add fellow yeri stan ^^

  3. Thank you for the add ^^

    1. lalisace


      thank you for approving! ^-^

    2. blue7kaoru


      My pleasure :D

  4. Can't believe i didn't have you in my friends list !! i always thought i did lol

    1. Yerim.


      It's okay we'll just act like that never happened lol â¤ï¸

    2. blue7kaoru
  5. Thank you for the add :D <3

    1. JNT-LEGGO


      Your welcome. Best to associate with some of the more sane and rational people.

    2. blue7kaoru


      lol i'm flattered !!

  6. Thank you for adding me as a friend, i appreciate it :D

  7. Thanks for adding me as a friend i appreciate it :D

    1. PurpleLyz


      You are welcome.

  8. Thanks for the add :D

    1. dnb


      Thanks! Just getting around to adding some RV friends.


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