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About Me


I feel like crying, I dont feel like myself. This isnt like me at all.
There is no way to rewind

Its okay to cry, just gotta stand back up, the way you have before
Now I want to love somebody.
Mmm, I'm so curious, I'm going crazy
Because I can’t stay away from what excites me

Probably another playboy. Obviously just a bad boy
Make my heart burning. My heart burn burn burn
How can I tell you, mail or letters won't do, no no

So many words I saved for you linger in my mind
Sending you a sign, sending a signal. But it won't go through

Put on BB cream, pat pat pat, Shall I make a pretty pose for the camera?
With a warm smile, you held out your hand

Walking on this street with my hand in yours
A miracle fills the space, Between our intertwined hands
Don't beg, I'm not going anywhere. I'll be your baby
Speak from your heart

You gave me a secret flavor
Dont hesitate, go closer
It will be a little dangerous, even more dangerous baby
But if I don’t stop, Surely my desire will someday
Let's dance the night away



Favorite (Korean) Groups: TWICE, Girls' Generation, Kara, BTS, T-ara, 4minute, Orange Caramel, Wonder Girls, After School, Seventeen, GOT7, Big Bang, Girls Day, Miss A, Sistar, Black Pink, Red Velvet, G-Friend, AOA



Biases(Idols): Momo, Soyeon, Hyuna, Jessica, Nicole, BoA, Raina, Nana, Hyeri, Somi, Sunmi, So-Yeon, Jiyeon


Biases(Other): Beyonce, Namie Amuro,Utada Hikaru, Whitney Huston, Micheal Jackson, Fetty Wap, Destiny Child, Kat Deluna, Ciara, Shakira, 21 Pilots, Hatsune Miku, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Cake Pop, Adele, Sean Paul, Justin Timberlake, Prince Royce, Eminem, Weekend, Aaliyah, Drake, Kat Graham, PCD, Akon, Ne-Yo, Usher, Selena


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