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  1. doyoung doesnt strike me as gay at all.


    straight men can be open minded and accepting of the lgbt community without actually being gay... like someone pointed out, he might have a friend or relative that's out to him.


    I can't post receipts right now, but the way he acts around Jungwoo seems less than heterosexual to me. 

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  2. with Heechul and Gunhee, they may see each other more than we think, but don't post as much to social media. If they did get together when we think, then they've been together for years. They probably wouldn't feel the need to flaunt their relationship publicly as much anymore. Doesn't mean they don't see each other.

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  3. Serious question: What will it take for you guys to be suspicious about Jimin and Jungkook's relationship, like Heechul and Gunhee, Tony and Jaeduck, Suho and Donghwan, Eunhyuk and Donghae? Is it just age? This is not about shipping, I really want to know because I think they are really dating relationship.


    Uh...I would not put them in the same category. And for the record, I didn't post those gifs to ~prove their relationship~. I posted them because Jungkook did something that was pretty not-straight (as he's done with basically all the members at some point). 

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  4. Jackson where ?

    There was a screenshot of what looks like an interaction between Troye and Jackson on Twitter, but they were just fans posing as the two. I don't know why people do that tbh. 


    On a related note, a fan photoshopped BTS onto a Met Gala background yesterday, and legit news sites were using it as if it were real. Sigh.

  5. Honestly, I don't see nipping etc. I only see when Jungkook whispering to Jimin his chin push Jimin's ear and when he pull back ear back their place. And it's not like he don't do something like this before lol Everyone knows that our Jungkook have a thing for ears.




    I didn't say anything about nipping. I was just posting a version without filter, since the other one was creating some debate. smile.png

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  6. Edit: apparently someone edited it because the fandom is full of demons. :) Anyway the rest of the post stands. 


    Also, because this keeps coming up, I think it's natural for people in this thread to be wary of anything posted about popular ships because we're used to seeing them talked about in a shipping context--by straight fans too. But in many cases, it's not about the ship but how the person's actions possibly reflects their identity as an individual. For example, when Taehyung danced with Jimin:




    It's not about Vmin being real (and I don't think anyone thought that). What Taehyung did was just....not something a straight guy would probably do. I think as long as we keep it focused on the individual, and reserve relationship speculations for situations with extraordinary receipts, then hopefully we can avoid the drama of shipping.

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  7. This was a good explanation. Thanks for taking the time to write it all down. I do understand that they are supporting lgbtq (love yourself) to the best of their abilities and I’m not asking for more. I’m just worried that being more straightforward would be more impactful? Like coming out and straight up being like gay people are cool.

    This is also coming from someone with a Western perspective. It might not be the right approach in Korea.

    Several of the members have said this explicitly though. Like Suga saying, "There's nothing wrong [with being gay]. Everyone is equal." The fact that they express love and admiration for so many LGBT artists, and have already worked with a few, also kind of speaks for itself. 


    I agree though that the approach that has worked in the west may not be right for SK. In the US, for example, there's more of an expectation for celebrities to use their platform to speak to important issues, whereas in Korea, many people seem to think it's not a celebrity's place to express a controversial opinion (especially as an idol, since their fans are younger). I think it will take threading the needle where it's framed in a more positive way, rather than just criticizing society. BTS especially is in such a strange position where they became famous with a lot of songs that did criticize society, but now they have this responsibility of being cultural representatives to the world. I'm sure many people would hate to see Korea come off badly to the rest of the world, even if they know the criticism is true. 

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  8. When I saw it last night, I assumed Jungkook was just whispering to Jimin because why the fuck would he bite/suck on his ear in that moment or ever, but like, this is very clear:



    what, with all due respect sir, the fuck


    Edit: I guess saying this about 50 times already isn't enough, but standard disclaimer: this isn't about shipping, and I don't ship anyone in BTS. 

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  9. I don't know whether this as been posted but couldn't see it in the last few pages at least. But yep, we have a new CDAN/Ent Lawyer blind and it's obviously about...well, who else. Rather predictably the blind sites always roll out a K-pop kings blind at award time. Take with a huge grain of salt because of the website and its penchant for unverified fiction but have at it, gays.


    Blind Item #10 - BBMA

    Apparently this former A- list singer who is initialed didn't know members of that foreign born A+ list group are gay. She started repeating it over and over as she spoke to one of them and kept getting louder about it. Was just so embarrassing for all involved.




    I can't really imagine anyone in BTS just randomly coming out to a western celebrity at an award show. If anything remotely like the above did happen, it was probably someone making an assumption.


    not that they would be wrong, but still

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    Select the link and click on the "Unlink" button


    Like this:



    Then post it and it will embed automatically



    On Topic: Taehyung looked like he was trying hard to hold tears or something in the end of the performance...


    Bless you rlytearpls.png


    Also, on a related note, I just want to remind everyone that this was their reaction to Heize kissing Bolbbalgan4:


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  11. I think another thing that makes topics like these difficult is that there's inherently a huge difference between the intentions of a company and how LGBTQ fans interact with content, as well as between the way cishet and LGBTQ fans interact with it. We know that most gay fanservice isn't really done for gay/bi people. For some gay/bi fans, knowing the original intent is enough to turn them off of it completely, but others still enjoy it for what it is. Same with gender non-conformity. I don't think either is wrong, as long as we don't fall into praising the company for being progressive. Anything progressive either comes from the idols themselves or the way we interact with it as fans (for example, LGBTQ BTS fans loving Yoongi's female persona Yoonji, and not treating her like a joke).

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  12. That two Korean couple are so cute, I can't tell if they're still on honeymoon phase but they are really sweet, I watched their videos without subs but I can feel it (also me getting lonely about having no girlfriend.)

    Some of their videos have English subs now (if you were looking for subs in English). Here's one of their Q&As:


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  13. Are you really out here acting like the fetishization of lesbians isn't a thing with straight guys? That a lot of the original "lesbian" content put out into the world wasn't made under a male gaze and intended for guys? Come on now, women may enjoy it and have an increasingly large role in producing it but there is still a huge problem with the fetishization of lesbians in the media. Look at what went down with Blue is the Warmest Color for example.


    The majority of Twice fans are male and that needs to be taken into consideration when they do the girl crush concepts or have videos that romantically link members.


    And nothing within kpop should be taken at face value, these are companies that are marketing a group and very deliberate in everything they do.


    Fanservice between male members was built around the fetishization of gay couples along with letting the idols be "romantic" or "sexual" without direct competition in the fans eyes.


    This is getting off topic so I apologize, but I think there's a difference between a girl crush concept (wearing suits, doing stronger choreography, rapping, acting cool and confident, etc.) and girlxgirl fanservice (two--usually femininely presenting--girls groping each other, almost kissing, etc.). I agree that the latter is definitely made for the male gaze, but the former would be an idol like Moonbyul, who has mostly female fans. 

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