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    pink lemonade shuwa shuwa heart(^3^)~♪ // fancy uUuUu <3 // gg stan - i luv yeri sm....(^o^)♪ - junko enoshima y2k queen

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About Me


i was super active on onehallyu from '16 to '18!

i'm a girl group stan... mostly... but i have a lot of random boygroup songs on my library and i used to be a hardcore stan of a bunch of boygroups!
especially exo.

some idols that i love :
yeri, chaeyoung, baekhyun, soojin, ... and a lot more but i do stan yeri harder!

my first kpop video was when i was 11. i was on a pullip blog and the op linked electric shock in their favourite songs!

f(x) became my ultimate bias group untill 2016 when they took their hiatus. victoria was my ultimate bias.

while theres really nothing to look forward to anymore and i dont stan the girls as hard as i used to because of some of their actions ( ....sigh),  i still watch their mvs and listen to their discography regularly!

my favourite genres of music are :

-y2k/trashy/pc music like girl next door by ayesha erotica, celebrity by slayyyter (yes i know what she did, i just listen to her music... lmaoooo) and more
-futuristic rnb like rina sawayma or kelela
- POP, of course... i'm a pop girl, especially pop from the 2010s! great exemples would be syndrome by chocolat, bubble bath by orange caramel or pink lemonade by twice so i guess its more of a bubblegum type of pop!

i also have a big interest in obscure asian female artists from the 2000s and osts from video games

before becoming a kpop stan i was a big fan of shoujo mangas!

my first mangas were sugar sugar rune, lovely complex, gakuen alice, shugo chara, fruit basket, detective conan, death note, princess jellyfish...

i used to read them all the time but i knd of stopped in high school and now im back to reading them!!!! i read so many josei in 2020... def my favourite genre right now.

i was always a fandom girl when i was younger ; vocaloid, pullip, mlp, fairy tail, kpop, ....

back in summer 2019, i started watching a bunch of random lets plays from berleezy and i started the danganronpa one....

best and worst mistake of my life lmaoooo, i watched thh, goodbye despair and i finshed chapter 5 and 6myself and the i played and finished v3 in april.

if you wanted to know who my favourite characters are : junko, celeste, himiko, hajime...

in my free time i read mangas, rewatch dr lets plays and make pinterest boards!

i mostly got into kpop for the fashion bc its a BIG passion of mine ❤️ i also draw a lot

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