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  1. 8 minutes ago, Drama Drama Drama said:

    In SK and China the main market Dream is more.

    Dream have three members with big fansize like Jaemin, Jeno and Renjun.

    Jaemin has potential of it boy.

    Dream has bigger fandom in China because they have 2 Chinese members, nct127 has none but Mark and Taeyong are still the most popular korean members in China. Neither Jaemin, Jeno nor Renjun have fandoms close to the size of Jaehyun, Mark or Taeyong’s fandom. Jaemin has potential of it boy but so does Jaehyun and he’s more popular than Jaemin.

    I‘m not here for a popularity contest. I am simply sick and tired of the constant undermining of nct127‘s achievement as a group and people constantly claiming nct dream is more successful when literally makes no sense and is also untrue. 127 has become the fandom punching bag with people making dumb jokes about how they’re a failure blah blah both in and outside of the fandom when they are unquestionably more successful than Dream.


  2. 16 hours ago, G.E.B said:

    NCT dream is their most successful unit of NCT...please make them into a separate unit or make Dream fixed. Do one thing right, SM, please.

    This is not remotely true and people need to stop spreading this. They have only one album that has outsold nct127 and nct127 I individual members like Taeyong, Jaehyun and Mark still bring most attention to nct not to mention Ten winwin and Lucas from wayv. The constant discrediting of nct127 in this fandom is getting ridiculously tiring 

  3. I have been accumulating episodes of B99 to watch over the last few weeks and I’m so glad. I just watched that episode about the sexual assault at the workplace / yo-yo strangler vrs Holt showdown and I am both emotional and still can’t stop laughing. Only Brooklyn nine nine can do this.

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  4. He’s my favorite too but mostly because even though he doesn’t have any superpowers or immortality like some of the others, he uses his great intelligence, money and actually risks his life trying to do the right thing. Plus he’s hilarious and sarcastic. I wonder if he has watched endgame, I can’t watch it yet because I heard it didn’t end well for Tony :rlytearpls: Taeyong, let's cry together

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  5. I don’t understand how there’s a job called „social media influencer“. How have people allowed themselves to be controlled by so much superficiality and lies. These people on Instagram with their staged photos of products they’d never touch or use personally, swearing up and down that it has changed their lives and made them practically perfect and people actually fall for this and believe it.

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  6. Is one hallyu trying to get me to believe that there’s been no post here in 2 days or I’m just not seeing them


    Also if anyone knows why there’s an association between Easter and eggs and rabbits, let me know. Kinda strange that a mammal will bring eggs in a basket

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