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Stan perfection. Stan talent. Stan visuals. Stan cuteness. Stan Taeyong.

Taeyong went from being a blank paper to an exceptional novel of many chapters. He went from having no experience to being someone who strives to grow in every area, the inexperience creeping in sometimes but is easily overshadowed by growth. In his years of training, He's been able to turn every chapter of his blank book into something worth reading, something worth watching, something worth experiencing and something worth listening to. With everyday, he's trying to complete a new chapter with something more refined, improved and something new. He never fails to keep himself grounded, he reminds himself of his flaws, his weakness and most importantly his strengths. Just like the clay, the uninteresting, blank taeyong, is fulfilling his goals one after the other, who says it's too late to set a goal in life?“
- lee thank you



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