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  1. Chelsea and Real apparently reached a deal for Courtois, a neat 35m euros. I wonder if Navas is going the other way or if Chelsea will actually seriously pursue Alisson - probably the former since Alisson's price is probably too steep without Willian or Hazard deals being closed. 


    On the bright side for me, this seems like it closed one door for King Dave for leaving Old Trafford. Now he just has to sign da ting. 


    If it wasn't for that fax machine, De Gea would have been gone a long time ago. On a serious note, I'm glad De Gea stayed. He is Man Utd's most important player.

  2. well imstupid.png so his assistant will replace him or they already has someone in mind?


    Michel and Celades are rumored. Luis Enrique might be considered too.


    i wonder why he was doing great  with spain they haven't lost in the 26 games that he has been in charge of. Even if he's leaving for Real madrid after the world cup shouldn't they use him while they can.


    Yeah, I don't really get it too. And it happened on the eve of the world cup too. That's insane.

  3. So the Fekir deal got called off. WTF lmaoooooo laugh.png


    Whatever, Shaqiri is better than Fekir anyway! -cries internally- 


    In hindsight, this might be good. Fekir has a problem in his knee and it will become more problematic in a high pressing team like Liverpool. You don't want another Sturridge.

  4. Yeah, Don't think LXC will make it either. Her fanbase is small and the show didn't garner her much public support. (aka new fans) Might be because she doesn't have a particularly stand out factor, be it looks or talent. For eg, Xiaoyu gained a fair bit of attention due to her acrobatics background, then since her looks doesn't hurt either... 


    Yeah tbh she didn't really have anything to make her stand out. Although i'm still happy she made it this far.

  5. Don't think she's going to survive this round of 22. Monetary wise, she loses out to the likes of Debbie (Jiangshen) and Chen Yi Han. Lucia might have a higher chance of qualifying, pretty sure my 2nd fav aka Angela won't survive too. 


    And here I am, already gave up any hope that my fav Lu Xiaocao will survive.

  6. So Karius got diagnosed with a concussion which occurred during a collision with Ramos 2 minutes before the first blunder to Benzema. Alright, I feel bad about rolling out the Karius jokes now. Incredibly unlucky for Liverpool with Salah down early and Karius playing through the game not right in the head. It's unfortunate he didn't get help for it on time - the "warrior" spirit in some players that force them to carry on through injuries is downtright dangerous sometimes.


    Damn I really feel bad for Karius, taking all that flak from the fans and the media. He still played hard even in that condition. If we only knew earlier that he had a concussion, maybe the hate he received wouldn't be this extreme.

  7. It seems like Guti or Mauricio are the most likeliest candidates to get the managers job


    Oohhh right, I forgot about Pochettino. I'm surprised he is still a frontrunner considering he just signed a new deal with Tottenham. As for Guti, he seems to be on the same path as Zidane so let's see if it goes well. 

  8. and Barcelona celebrates

    Yep ahahaha



    On a serious note, who might be a possible replacement?

    Conte? Well, if Chelsea let him go.

    Sarri? Sarri is currently linked to Chelsea.

    Blanc? Also linked to Chelsea.

    Nagelsmann? Now I'm just reaching.

    Anyone else?

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