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  1. I'm back from D-2 :)



    so i made a promise to update on my D-2 experiences aka how close Mingyu's face is to my face during high touch, and luckily I got in again. Well he's still leaning down bec the person before me is so small so our face is just about as close as yesterday. I said that he is kind and handsome (in english) and he said 'waaa thank you' and lightly gripped my hand and shook it a bit. Then I said bye and he smiled again :)


    I said 'we are proud of you' to group leaders and they all smiled at me and said thank you. Hoshi and Woozi bowed a little. Scoups said 'thank you, thank you.' They're so precious.


    Wonwoo smiled and nodded when I told him to be healthy and happy. And idk I'm delulu but I think he remembered me from last night bec his eyes widened when I approached him and yeah. I'm happy to see him smile bec he seems too focused recently.


    Tonight's fanmeet was awesome too, if not slightly better. They look very happy despite ard 900 seats not being occupied. They learned a lot of filipino phrases including trendy ones like "ito na" (this is it) and "kalma bes" (something you say to people with 0 chill) I hope they will no longer work with this promoter bec they've given us all sorts of headache since day 1.


    Philipines is Jeongcheol nation if you're wondering about ships. We had a few meanie moments too but mostly in the sidelines and mostly Mingyu being close and Wonwoo getting away.



    Seventeen are good kids. I hope they never change.

    Awwww~ i'm so happy for you. Thanks for saying those to the kids :chu:


    Is it true that someone said 'may forever'? lol

  2. somebody answer me pls..  :rlytearpls: what are the jeonghan ship badges I can get beside jeongcheol and gyuhan  :rlytearpls:


    pRuZuZH.png Wonhan. Prettiest svt otp badge imo

    tumblr_oacrk1bJgF1vwb26do1_100.png Jihan




    omg woozi you were so close to getting it open! come on man MHvgk8y.gif

    i have no idea what this ship is called but if woozi will keep doing stuff like this im totally okay with shipping it csgW1et.gif


    Ship Zihan! 

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