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  1. So what's the consequence for them?


    But those are really big fansites.. ⊙_⊙

    Pledis is starting to apply the penalties they've mentioned before. Rip to those fansites.


    And pledis knows who are those running the fansites

  2. Ok guys, just for fun:

    If SVT were to go 'dark', what kind of dark concept would you want it to be?

    Leather'n'chokers? Horror? Gothic? Dystopian? (Cyber)Punk? A social/political statement disguised as funny post-apocalypse? A dark concept parody?


    Something like this:


    Edit: the boys will probably want a mafia concept

  3. I really want them to try their unreleased song Bubblegum as their main title track, I honestly think that song can please both I-Fans and K-Fans. with a proper MV and dance choreography, I can see it as their hit song. But probably not gonna happen.


    Yeah. I don't think they'll ever use a song that the fans already heard as their title track. I trust Seventeen's choice for their title tracks but it would be such a waste if both bubblegum and a quick pace would just be b-sides.

  4. i'm gonna be really busy for a week, i'm praying svt won't do too much stuff otherwise backtracking will be hard...


    do any of you know any good woozi biased twitter accounts to follow? i need more of him in my life. both korean and international are fine i don't really care




    some Woozi fansites








    - she mostly trans Woozi's post its, interview, etc.



  5. thanks guys~


    and I was actually kinda worried people wouldn't like the new title thread change up so I'm glad you like it regal :lol: (there are new funny tags too :derp: )

    I ordered a OP from arianne cause she makes beautiful OP's so now I'm just waiting on that and I will update the OP :ahmagah:

    I just saw the tags. Drag his devilish lazy ass! :lol:

    and can I suggest adding Jeongharem to the tags??


    Btw, do you need wons for the OP? I'm willing to donate :)

  6. It certainly is! As horny and sexually frustrated as some fans can get, it's still inexcusable to spy on them and snap pictures while doing so. It's the same as a man going into a women's sauna and secretly getting pics on his phone.

    actually, the picture taker did it not because he/she is sexually frustrated . He/she did it for money... which is worse.

    Some stans (the thirsty ones) on twitter were offering money to those who were at the same hotel as Seventeen that time in exchange for pics :._.:





    But on a brighter note, majority of the fans handled it well imo. Carats kept on asking those who posted the pic to take it down asap. That's why there's no trace of that pic on the internet now.




    I just love how he carries himself


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