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  1. I've seen people posting pre-debut videos and I thought I should share the pre-debut fancam I've been replaying these past few days



    Woozi is great center for Seventeen. He is charismatic and his dance skills are top-notch. I can't with knetz dissing him as center just because he don't fit Korean beauty standards. hFa3dH6.gif

    Hoshi and Coups are great centers too. Leader line totally slayed in that performance pZ94Z5F.gif

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  2. flawless king of airport fashion :dave:



    there were so many pretty fanarts of his airport fashion too :rlytearpls:


    Which one is yall's fav?

    the gray slayed me he looks so squishy and soft omg

    and then i think it's the denim. like who rocks denim on denim? + made me want to buy his phone case which i did








    The gray hoodie is definitely my fave. He looked so fluffy~


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  3. so I was listening to adore u and I had noticed before that jeonghan sounds different in adore u compared to their later songs but only now did I realize HOW MUCH of a difference there is between adore u and mansae, (I wouldn't even know it was him if I didn't know the lines by heart) like did he changed his tone for adore u cause like we all know he finds it "childish"? then decided to use his natural voice for mansae? even then I find there is an actual difference between mansae and pretty u as well so I wonder if he's getting more comfortable with his natural tone or it's just starting to shine more as he gets better at singing cause of the vocal training...


    anyways just some random thoughts I wanted to ramble off cause it was a interesting to think about.. Rz2hUJL.gif

    I noticed this too. And i've seen other fans saying that they used another members's voice (idk whose) in doubling Jeonghan's part in adore u. Then in mansae, they only used his voice. I didn't notice much difference in his voice from mansae to pretty u though.

  4. Yes! I'm waiting the next part! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノψ(`∇´)ψ

    Everyone should see those videos \(ï¿£< ï¿£)>\(ï¿£< ï¿£)>\(ï¿£< ï¿£)>\(ï¿£< ï¿£)>

    The recent intro alone is gold!(*´>д<)

    JoshKwan chronicles is one of my fave parts! And now I kinda search for their interactions.

    Ummm if he joins it, it will be cool! He deserves it a this point (σˋ▽ˊ)σ(σˋ▽ˊ)σ

    The square gag?

    Hmmm gag quartet? haha

    After rooming with BooSeok, Josh became so extra and shameless smh. I love him more now though <3


    Aside from JoshKwan, i love Josh's interactions with the younger members. He's just so chill around them. He doesn't act like a hyung and he seems really nice and approachable~


    btw, your emoticons are soooo cute

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