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  1. Not a lot of people is going to bother about this but....



    I think I am going to step away from this thread for the time being. Only until the comeback date is confirmed. All the comeback speculation, be it the date... concept or hairstyles is getting hard to not notice...


    All the not wanting them to clash with other groups... Wanting a specific concept or just on the butchered hairstyles(Which isnt even confirmed for the comeback) is getting tiring... And its personally slowly making me lose all sort of hype for the comeback.


    It's like somehow people are so concerned about all of that and not the main point of K-pop is... The music. Frankly, I am probably overreacting... But seriously, does it matter what concept/hairstyle or whether they clash with other groups even matter. Did you get into Seventeen because a member had a certain hairstyle you got attracted to or because you felt that they could be the next big thing?(If you did then... good for you? haha... Personal preferences i guess)


    I mean yes, you want them to win cause you want them to be recognized. But is there really a need to analyse it to that extent...


    Well, I probably ranted slightly too much. I will probably still lurk around here once in a while. Let's hope for the best for Seventeen upcoming comeback! :ahmagah:


    No idea how to end this rant so... here, fetus SVT





    tho im pretty sure im not one of those people, i still find those words as offensive. probably because i cant take this kind of sarcasm well. hmm im probably just overreacting too.


    anyway, all the speculations about concepts, hairstyles, etc. are just for fun. Once seventeen comebacks, none of those speculations would matter, most carats i know here would still support them (trashes). As for the music, i trust them (esp Woozi) to deliver quality songs.


    and honestly, the main reason why also do not want them to clash with digimons is because i want to see them to win and cry on music shows. feels>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>wall of china>>>>>>>>>>>bragging rights


    but i do get why it's tiring for you especially because you're multifandom.






    irrelevant info but i just got a job thanks to my lucky charm: Holy Piercing


    stared at this pic minutes before my final interview :lub:

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