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  1. I loved mansae hair too! it's just too bad that it damaged his hair so much they had to cut it warstarplz.png

    pinwheel is my favorite unit release its like perfect for the fall its chill but intricate and where you think it will do something it actually doesn't, it kinda leaves you wanting more you know like its not finished? its so interesting ahmagahplz.png

    that red hair after blond ruined it hmpf


    though pinwheel is not my fave song (i, a lilili yabbay supremacist), it's still a very good song. it's very calming and i dont even know the lyrics but it just made me feel so so so warm.

  2. some will like the song, some will dont. it honestly depends on the listeners taste. I personally liked lilili and i would not call that "tolerating bias' trash releases"


    "tolerating bias' trash releases", for me, would be something like, "just keep on listening to it, it will grow on you"


    anyway, everyone is free to share their thoughts about seventeen's music here. i've never seen anyone get told off after saying that they didn't like the seventeen's songs. smile.png



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  3. Holy shit, perv team song is awesome!

    I'm loving the guitar! ahmagahplz.png


    If vocal team gets a boring ass ballad MV I'm suing Pledis.


    is this a typo or..? hurrplz.png



    personally, I loved this release the most (so far).

    they really changed things up and were able to showcase their improvement and hard work. I'm just so proud of them.


    @hoshit please chill and stop wrecking my bias list rlytearpls.png

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