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Status Updates posted by anh.

  1. you made my dawn

  2. simon says? we going jaehyun says

  3. political analysis? suddenly a bitch is blind and that bitch is me

  4. february: cxk

  5. january theme: lee seungjun - paradise lost

  6. december theme: raehwan

    1. emma


      loooove it! nice taste, sis

    2. anh.


      my (2nd) favorite bigstar member deserves the best

  7. november theme: wonwoo again lol

  8. october theme: bjergsen!

    1. anh.


      we are postponing this for wonwoo until the 6th

    2. anh.


      tsm died early so we'll move on to heejin

  9. september theme: chungha!

    1. Cheese_it


      yaasss chungha slay

  10. august theme: kuri & shiro

  11. theme of the month: wonwoo!

  12. theme of the month: horimiya

  13. graduating~!

  14. 17 what the fuck do u want from me

  15. can u see how much i tried

    1. Pocket Hyung

      Pocket Hyung

      oh wow.. a midsummer night's sweetness themed profile :o

  16. jeon wonwoo how dare u

  17. bows down to thy god mark tuan

  18. ayyy done with finals

  19. ew @ finals

  20. omg twin with the same first name

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