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  1. yeah he said he made one in the vlive, but he's not ready to upload his single yet :cry:  he said he's not sure about certain things, but WHAT THINGS ?? IT SOUNDED PERFECT WHEN HE SANG IT LIVE :rlytearpls:

    I think he might have said that to stall lmfao i mean hes put off making an account for sooo longgg and he has so much solo material..he needs to hurry up and upload them already

  2. Irkkkkk,he looks so cute and happy lately, also him in glasses kills me. It’s my weak spot.

    And I’ll tryyy, but I’m such a newbie on twitter idk who I should follow for updates and idk what I’m doing lol, so I’ve just stayed away

    Same here haha, hes just glowing and looking younger than usual..such a precious lil cupcake :chu:


    Lmao there are plenty of fansites and fanbases to follow on Twitter, plus a lot of the fans are very friendly haha. If you want i could show you around on there ^^

  3. Maybe I should get over my aversion to twitter and go on there more....


    and oml :cry:  so cuteeeee. I hope hes enjoying his time in Japan. And google translate is just telling me the caption says he like the strawberry banana flavor. Taste, its the best flavor.



    Yesss come on Twitter haha, its where all the updates are 😂. Ikr he seems to have the most fun in Japan, its so nice seeing him be so carefree and happy :lub:



    He looks so adorable im so happy at how active he is these days

  4. Mega mega late, but thanks <3


    I hope so too, theres so few of them on this site :rlytearpls:












    Thank you brother for visiting the store when you came to Japan for work #cafebinggo #Shinokubo #DesertCafe #foreignerworker #ShinOkubo

    trans by Kathymyon

    They're all on Twitter huhu


    Juicytokyo_official posted two photos of Yongguk. Will post caption when i find a translation




    Hes so cute i'm crying :ahmagah: :lub:

  5. everyone on twitter and tumblr talking about their disbandment because in the next year their contract is run down and everyone afraid of that maybe they'll disband.

    I honestly haven't seen anything like that on Twitter but like how many times have B.A.P themselves said they wish to make music together for a long time. Whether they renew their contracts or not, I still believe they will stay together.

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