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  1. If you have any~ I'll be curious to read :) I'll share my own as a form of release or venting as well [emoji18] I just wrote my first one. It was pretty ok I may end up writing for other people too lmao




    I think you're opinionated. I told you to stop telling me not because I didn't want to hear the holy truth. I'm not hurt by the truth but your intention and purpose in telling me those. I wasn't affected by the content, but your intention in telling me those. You didn't even say anything straightforwardly. Whatever you did felt so malicious and purposeful. When I asked, you played it off. Only towards the end, you started revealing your intentions. I told you to stop telling me because I already felt what was up from the beginning. I mentioned I was having exams or academic stuff. You said you would stop, yet you continued. I was not "in denial" or upset over the "truth" you revealed. It was your intention and attitude that were so insincere and it's disgusting that you were so hell bent on forcing it upon me. In your opinion, I was avoiding the truth. In my own words, I'll admit that I was just avoiding having you say anything more for fear that I'll be more repulsed.


    You're so opinionated you think you know me better than I do. You rather accept your own analysis over the Internet than my own words. You could ask me how I feel about anyone and I may take a few hours to think about it but I'll still reply as genuine to my true feelings as possible but you much rather source for fabricated (by me) evidence and conclude that I somehow felt more for someone than the other.




    I've never felt so desolated than when I firsthand witnessed your ploy to deal me a devastating blow then check the damages. To your disappointment, I wasn't in tears. But the moment the truth came to light, the tears in my eyes would have greatly pleased you if you were there to see them. From then on, I've utterly given up on all the little hope I even had. There was no salvaging our destructed relationship. All dreams of a happy one were nothing but fantastical and deluded thoughts.


    Farewell. Just kidding, fuck you. Fuck you, controlling and sadistic bitch.




    I'm immensely grateful that when many people looked down on me for not living up to a "genius's" standard, you've always believed in me. You were never dismissive to me when I spoke of my mental torture. You never discredited whatever I said. You believed that I'd be extremely successful if I could get past my hurdles, even when I could not believe in myself.




    I'm thankful that you came to me even when I had nothing to offer. I can't express with words how grateful I've always felt. I was nothing and I had nothing. You befriended me even though you had tons of friends and enjoyed a good popularity. I had nothing to give you. I could only be a burden to you, yet you came to me. Because of you, everything was so much better. I deeply regret not holding on for you. If I did, perhaps I wouldn't have been a bitter disappointment to you. Maybe if I was a better friend, I could repay you. I've always been filled with gratitude towards you. It's inevitable that my emotionless nature would cause you to doubt my sincerity. This is, again, to be blamed on me.

  2. Not really a disability (anymore) but it kinda was considered one. I managed to find a doctor that could help me and the rest was basically my own effort. It was so scary though. Living was so dangerous. I was afraid I'd die of complications if I hurt myself by accident etc. But after this, I guess I became more grateful about living although living is still a pain in the ass because of school and the people in school don't really understand :/ plus my condition still hurts me a little.


    To everyone in this thread, I wish that your health will get better and better. If life doesn't treat you well, you treat yourself well. Take care of yourself! I genuinely wish all of you better health!!!

  3. Hi lovely mods. Sorry I think my thread is more suitable in sports heath fitness instead of food. I put in wrong thread by accident. Why do I eat so much before and during my period?


    Edit: wrong link

  4. MODS. TAPATALK SCREWED MY ASS SO HARD I CANT WALK FOR DAYS. THEY FUCKED UP!!! DELETE the two "what's your favorite energy drink?" Threads but NOT "what do U think of energy drinks?" So sorry but tapatalk is being a cunt. Thank u all so much. Have a nice day

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