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Status Updates posted by vocabulary

  1. okay guys i finally replaced all the broken links with similar gifs :") not the original but well, beggars cannot be choosers

  2. Hello, you're my valentines~~ I'll send you a gift right now! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. lmao i always want to check your profile to see how many more negs you've gotten over time. truly the king of negs!

    1. Ripiaoppa


      Thanks! Been a bit slow tho

    2. Sharekoube


      yeah she been getting upvotes all day

  4. KW Oppa, you know in your sig, is the person beside Jiyeon Wendy or Irene?

  5. i came to stalk, but it goes against my principles to leave when i hear my husband's godly voice

    1. MelanatedBeauty


      ...who what when where is MY HUSBAND TAEMAN your husbent?

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