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Status Updates posted by Katoe

  1. Katoe

    Look at you and your fancy profile cover 😌

  2. Wuzz Joppin

  3. I forgot how to use OH

  4. Katoe

    Flower Garden Ù©(๑â›á´—â›à¹‘)Û¶

    1. Sofs


      It’s a booop. You should check it out ;)

  5. mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. Happy birthday Drew!

    1. StarShapedGummy


      Thanks Katie! How has the snow treated you?

  7. Kuware-tan where are youuuuu

  8. Fran your profile came out nicely. The gif is a nice addition :3

  9. Katoe


    1. katt


      Hello Katoe :3

    2. Katoe


      ily ♥ :3

    3. katt


      I love you more <3

  10. Hai mum is me :3 Dropping by to leave you some love

    1. Paruru


      Gonna join ♥♥♥♥♥ *grouphug*

  11. "FEENEE"

    1. Souloist


      ma'am i don't appreciate u calling me a "feenee"... that is rasist :/

    2. Souloist


      gonna have to report u to the mods


      but i mean if u can get me a custom award then we good :^)

    3. Katoe


      i suddenly cannot read

  12. Katoe

    this profile sucks

  13. How bout this new name, twannie?

    1. blue moon

      blue moon

      Mess twinie, I almost didn't recognize you lol your name gives me anxiety smh

    2. Katoe


      This my new 2month name doe. Ima change soon!

    3. blue moon

      blue moon

      LOL but why this name twinnie? It makes me think of weird stuff

  14. Press 7

    1. sweetjohoney


      I'm sorry, no one is available right now. Please call back at a later time. Thank you.



  15. Omo that time of the year again

  16. katt + katie = baby on the way

  17. Katoe

    Hon ♥

    1. katt


      Hi baby ♥

    2. Erii


      I want the babies. Gimme.

  18. I forgot

    1. saprowling


      You already on OH and still none. :(

    2. Katoe


      I was even on your profile page and forgot LOL

  19. Kuware-tan wa doku desu kaaaaaaa

  20. Katoe

    ç²ç‰©ã®ã‚ˆã†ã§ãªã 蛇ã®ã‚ˆã†ã«æ»‘らã‹ã«!!!

  21. ç²ç‰©ã®ã‚ˆã†ã§ãªã 蛇ã®ã‚ˆã†ã«æ»‘らã‹ã«!!!

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