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    So I'm guessing you're not an HKT fan even though you like Sakura? imstupid.png 



    Because if Hiragana is treated like a sister group like SKE/NMB/HKT/NGT/STU, it isn't fair that Kanji can use Hiragana for handshake and sales, but it most likely won't work the other way around.


    I mean the songs ... yea i'm not an HKT fan



    Because with a 1st single it'd be only Hiragana participating in the songs and handshakes, so that single would sell 500k at most because they're on their own. Unlike Kanji who has reache the 1m thanks to Hiragana's support in handshake activities.

    oh okay make sense. 


    then i guess it can't be another way around cuz Hiragana don't have much public recognition. Even fans still support them. They can't even change a center position so i don't think they will put a whole group in the back this soon.

  2. Oh yeah, on what Ajma said about ifans not being into Hiragana as much, I wonder why? Is it because their concept is much more happy and cute? I've noticed many Keyaki fans are into kpop too, so I wonder if they prefer Kanji because their music is closer to kpop/western stuff than Hiragana's is?

    i don't like happy and cute song in general so idk ...


    btw, Techi can take a break from center position not just for a short time but for forever till graduate like Ikoma ... and also in the b-side. So y'all can watch all those old center perf of her and cry.


    Why Hiragana has a 1st single A-side song is more unfair than being a 8th Kanji single A-side song ? 



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