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  1. Hi, i've silently rooted for this topic since a long time and just have my 1st comment. Thank for all your guys hard-works in this place ã… ã…  I'm so sad that Our beloved Techi is in hiatus (even though she should be, i miss her everyday) but seeing her archievements really heals my heart. Mainichi and Blue Ribbon awards is 2 of 3 most prestigious national cinema awards in Japan (the last is Kinejun) so the thing that Hiratechi is nominated is already awesome. (Im not give hope about getting the award because her movie is clearly the most commercial movie compared with other nominatees). She's really a talent. As Nikkan reported, its totally a lost if she not gonna do more films. Keiko said that Techi can take a break, but should come back to shoot. I hope she will rest well and comeback strongly



    I think she worked hard and gave all of her best as a center (she did a great job tbh) for the past three year maybe not from that summer tour till now, some of the idea in concert and MV is her idea. You cant just brush off everything she did like that. "not even a health issue" you must be really sure about it then when everyone can see that she is having a heath issue. You cant force everyone to fit into your shoes or be the same like you, everyone is different. Yes, i agree those last two perf are bad but tbh except she looked down in most of the perf this year but she also had a good energy in most of the perf. She is unprofessional but the management arent any better either. She didnt smile that much either at Hibiki interviews, just smile when she was talking with them. Do i disappointed ? yes i do but keep blaming a broken person like its all her fault is not a good way either. When Jurina was broken SKE's management did a good job by letting her rest till her recover but Keyaki's management is too dumb to understand that and too stubborn. As the result that we all can see now she broke.


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