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  1. I think they should give trainees in-ear because its drag the quality down. I mean many experience idols/artists still need it so what do they expect these kids with no experience can pull it off with no backing vocal, in-ear and with such a tiny bgm ? I mean some group slayed but most of these kids have raw talented but not all of them so some groups were really terrible. They can probably perform better with in ear.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Gene_e said:

    Hahahaha true! I hope they improve or hire more people with experience. I didn't know Yoshimoto manages groups already. Which ones?

    Btw sad news Koyama Shogo has withdrawn from the show


    Oh wait NMB48 is not under Yoshimoto anymore so it left Yoshimotozaka46 their only group.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Gene_e said:

    Tbh it was kinda annoying that during the performances they didn't film the right trainees during their lines, I couldn't see some of them at all. Also, they film the audience a lot and during the killer parts of the songs. 😞

    Yea the crew just being unexperience ... Japan has many crew worked with heavy dance groups. Even Yoshimoto has two groups and they hired an unexperience fliming crew welp. I can barely take the focus cam of dance groups cuz everytime they move its BLUR SKKSJDH

  4. 9 minutes ago, Gene_e said:

    Idk I think probably the problem is the crew of the show because is not as if they didn't have in Japan music shows where GG and BG perform on daily a basis. Japanese fans complained about the camera work so I hope it will improve in future episodes.

    They still have enough groups to give them some experience or many crews have that experience imo .... like JE, LDH, H!P, 46/48G and Avex groups. Unless Yoshimoto decided to have their comedy filming crew film this sjjsksks. I can understand if they dont know what to do with the focus cam tho. But focus cam in Keyaki game is decent as heck.

  5. 7 minutes ago, chandy said:

    not only knetz, all of us, should have learned about it. lets not pretend idols dont see or not understand what is it in twitter, etc

    I agree

    but i doubt it 

    they will forget about it soon and change their target later

    every company should protect their artists/idols better

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