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Horonigai Hime

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    Jungkook, Jo twins, Bora, SinB
    Pikachu, Anime, J-pop, K-pop

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About Me

Hello ~

I'm Reyanne Neponcio , I'm from the Philippines

About me ..

I'm a little bit 4D , friendly, I like to laugh .. I'm always smiling,..

I really hate seeing someone talking to me with an angry face ..

It gets me in a bad mood .. I'm a little smart .. 

I am also a positive, happy-go-lucky person at all times ..


I love Anime and KPOP .. I love listening to music, especially k-pop music

I also like watching Korean movies and k-dramas,

I am also interested in k-cultures and currently studying korean language ..

I like BOYFRIEND, BTS, G-FRIEND & SISTAR very  much ...

My biases are JO KWANGMIN, JO YOUNGMIN & LEE JEONGMIN (Boyfriend), JEON JUNGKOOK (bts), HWANG SINB (g-friend) & YOON BORA (Sistar), also Jessica (snsd) & Kevin (u-kiss)..

I'm actually interested in rapping ..

But, I also love K.will & Kim Taeyeon's songs


I'm not a choosy person .. whatever comes to me , i accept it ..

(except for you know... when an insect or whatever falls on me,

i'll jump around like crazy just to get it of happy.png)

I am very clumsy ... My hobby is sleeping and listening to music ..

I dont actually do chores .. 


I hope we can all be good friends .. Fighting



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