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About Me

Welcome Love's



Hey Loves,

I've been meaning to create an about me. Been way to lazy for that but, here I am finally talking about myself.

What a Narcissist right? I know, Lol.



Anyways lets get down to business. I'm not perfect and no I'm not trying to be. I'll make mistakes here and there.


I'm not trying to be a bitch or act better then anyone else. I've realized that I've been to worried about what people

may think or say about me here but you know what. I'm human, I'm bound to make mistakes

fall on my ass and get ridiculed for it but thats why we dust ourselves off get up and try and do better.



Yes, I know this is just a K-POP blog but still you should speak to someone correctly and carry yourself with

decency on this site. Making fun of people or bashing and talking shit thinking your funny isn't cute

​and doing things for a few up votes and hell even down votes should never be worth it. EVER.

Have some respect.



Besides that If I ever say anything shitty, do anything you don't like or feel personally attacked or even feel you need to say

​something to me lets discuss that on a personal matter in my inbox and lets not be messy on the threads. Okay. Cool.


With that being said. I created this profile to interact with other K-POP fans that might share the same interests as I do.

​I love all groups. I pretty much give everyone a chance, but I will say however I find ageyo and cuteness to be a big



In my book of shit not to do. It's just not for me or my style. I don't care who does it. It's just a toxic vomit ready to

explode for my mouth at any second. Seriously, not joking. It irks me to Hell and Narnia


I'm a college student so if you ever want to discuss school, life or hell anything under the sun I'm one inbox message away.



What Else... What Else... hmm I was almost married this year but I said fuck it. Interesting huh? Yeah, not really? Didn't think so. lol... How do people go on and on about themselves on these things... hmm I like Starbucks. Pretty Basic huh... I mean its not like I own Yoga Pants, Uggs and a North Face... I mean thats all pretty ... you... basic. Okay it's comfortable. Okay, Judge me. lol...


Anyways, Kidding Aside if you've made it to the end thanks and maybe we can be friends. =). I said MAYBE.


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