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  1. 19 minutes ago, eunheart said:

    I'm eating dust in my room.

    Ok no. I ate an unknown cooking of fish and it tasted awesome. I had squids too! 

    Saying about seafood made me wanna dive the sea for some reason though :smile:

    i yelled eun lmaooooooo

    18 minutes ago, blossoms said:

    i made banana bread earlier, so i am eating slice of that

    that sounds so good


    ive had a chocolate banana bread recipe ready for ages but ive not gotten round to making it yet

    i need to make it soon fgigh

  2. The one and only Miss Bel

    No wonder she’s @ChimKookie bias, who wouldn’t stan her??



    First, OH wouldn’t be here without her. You heard that right..

    I have it on good authority she’s carrying the site on her back.

    A lot of you may know her as the Queen of gfx, let’s delve into one of her latest creations made for Eli’s birthday which just BLEW us all away



    Not only is she an amazing artiste, she’s also a great friend. Remind me to tell Bel when my birthday is…



    Rumour has it, Bel has also become a muse for many!

    Trashie gave us the inside scoop on a K-pop song; she was forced to explain after she was caught singing this yesterday....

    “ring ring my bel ring my bel ring ring ring ring”

    Confirmed. Bells don’t exist. Only Bel



    It doesn’t end there; she’s also been namedropped in songs quite a few times! The magnitude of her impact is HUGE





    Bel has reached peak Queenism... even her own biases are going gaga over her...



    I'm sorry to say that Leo's and Alpaca's are missing out on her slaying in their team 

    But that's just the way the world works honey



    What do you guys love about Queen Bel?


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