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Chu chu~

POH!kémon Winner
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Status Updates posted by Chu chu~

  1. ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

  2. slayyyyyyyyyyy your profile is amazing ;; everyone else is dead in a ditch ;;;;;;;

    1. breadbutter


      Aww thanks so much chu chu ♥

  3. bish i have spices, i'm better and richer than you ever imagine

    1. breadbutter


      bish i have spices, i'm better and richer than you ever imagine!!!

  4. Wheeew your profile. I'm in love

    1. Galaxy.


      Kyulkyung outdone herself with those gfx right ;-;

    2. Chu chu~

      Chu chu~

      Dayum, gfx queen ;;

  5. your new set is beaut :')

    1. BlueNose


      Thank you :teary eyes:

      Your sets always look pretty tho <3

    2. Chu chu~

      Chu chu~

      thank you :kaeun crying:

      yours are always gorgeous :(((

  6. in love with your new profile, it's so pretty ;;

    1. Akidoki


      Awwww thanks chu! ♡♡♡

  7. Mayhaps I returned the favour https://i.imgur.com/IipNlUL.png

    1. MVSica


      Hehehe <3 I was wondering where all these upvotes came from https://i.imgur.com/ORof6j8.gif

  8. thanks for adding me :') i can't belive i didn't have you!!!!

  9. lmfao love the new sig

    1. U R Messy AF

      U R Messy AF

      lol it's so fitting for how i feel abut this site sometimes. Someone else actually had it before me, but I can't remember who.

  10. Your set is the prettiest sidufsdfoi I love it <3

    1. Riri


      thank you i love you <33333333

  11. Your new set is beaut, I'm crying ;;

    1. Velvet Queen

      Velvet Queen

      thank you cutie, i've been meaning to change it since we lost our banners

  12. Thanks for adding me cutie!!<333 I can't believe I forgot to :'(

    1. ��HIKARI��


      No, not a problem. It was my pleasure c:

  13. thanks for adding me! i swear i already had you, im a flop

    1. eunheart


      you had me??? omg i'm almost exposed yet agaainnn! btw nice knowing you fam <3

    2. Chu chu~

      Chu chu~

      clearly not :'( you too <333

  14. Your profile is so prettyyy :'(

    1. blossoms


      thank you!! I'm actually in the middle of re-doing it a little (stan so many new ppl help me) haha and thank you for adding me as a friend too!! ♡♡

      I think we stan a lot of the same ppl1 (you stan Lee Hi right?? so rare i love it)

    2. Chu chu~

      Chu chu~

      it's too cute, i'm in the middle of creating mine as well so i was having a look at other people's profiles and i was just in awe. yepp, i related so much to your "im trash for everyone" bit, that's literally me lmao

    3. blossoms


      your profile is looking super cute!! I love the pink.

  15. Thanks for adding me bb~

    1. · Moonrise ·

      · Moonrise ·

      Thanks for adding me back :D :D

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