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  1. I actually think the teaser pic is cool after reading that the dotted lines make SJ and the members make the M :ahmagah:

    I can't wait for the teaser :la: :la:

    Tbh I didn't realize it until I see some ELF talk about it. It's cool


    I love teaser. It's kinda simple and not over the top :ilove:

    I wonder what swings mean?

    The genre?





    I tho about genre too first. That's why I little bit dissapointed because I'm not rly fond with that genre. But then ELF talk about it in sexual context. :blush: so probably it's song about guy who fall in love easily? :dontthinkso:


    Have some ryeowook <3















    shindong about ryeowook- “it’s not even a character with a sharp tongue. it’s an awkward characterâ€


    don't know if this was posted before, imma post it anyways..









    sassy wookie is my fav wookie :har:
  2. ^

    There's English subs iirc. Magda will be able to help more OTL.




    Yea, I was so stupid lol. So I remember that SJ-M had happy camp recording 1 day bfore/after hangeng. When few days ago I see hangeng eng sub, my reaction was like " wtf hangeng ep just aired few week ago, so how about SJ-M??, did I miss them". Well actually, hangeng recorded another happy camp ep in 2014, i confused them with the one from 2013. I have watched sj-m happy camp 2013. Thank u btw lol.


    Hana, It's been awhile. :chu:

    How are you?








    Hi. I'm fine. U? :chu:


    My internet connection is so shitty :soul:, n artist thread are so heavy sometimes. So I don't visit forum often, but l' ll come here more when SJ's comeback.


    That pic :horror:



    I don't like Sj-m teaser image. N no info about physical album :unimpressed:

  3. hi, girls :)


    if u dont remember, my name is hana.


    oh i got question about SJ-M's happy camp that they filmed last year, the recording was 1 day before/after hangeng recording. when i was browsing i find eng sub of hangeng's episode but i never heard about SJ-M's one. so have they aired that episode or not? thank u



    In mathematics, "*" signifies multiplication. The last equation however, I think he got the wrong answer. It should be 32 and not 38.

    well, it's true in general "*" signifies multiplication but those are logic/mind game. the "*" is not multiplication in those equations but a fuction like other user explained. so 38 is the right aswer.
  4. allkpop posted it



    Jackie Chan along with friends Siwon, Jessica, and Narsha to guest on 'Happy Together 3'

    Jackie Chan has been reported to make a guest appearance on 'Happy Together 3' for the first time along with his friends Super Junior's Siwon, Girls' Generation's Jessica, and Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha!


    Multiple insiders told Stars News on the 13th, "Jackie Chan will meet Korean fans through 'Happy Together 3' on the 18th."


    According to the insiders, the upcoming broadcast will be a 'Jackie Chan and Friends' special featuring Jackie Chan's close celebrity friends Siwon, Jessica, and Narsha. Jackie Chan and Siwon are known to be especially close as they previously featured as guests on 'Running Man' together last year.


    If the reports are true, Jackie Chan will arrive in Korea to film the special later this month!


    [update] -- 'Happy Together 3' PD Jung Hee Sub confirmed to Newsen on the 13th, "Jackie Chan, Girls' Generation's Jessica, Super Junior's Siwon, and Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha have been confirmed to feature as guests... The four people have been decided as the special guests so far... The filming date has not been set yet."





    TeukBar ì´íŠ¹ë°”_teukbar 2h

    29th July 2014, Retirement ceremony of leeteuk [sM schedule] let's forward this day!



  5. hello, guys :smile::smile:


    Mr.Choi â€@MrChoi_ 2h


    '월드★' 성룡, '해투3' 출연..최시ì›Â·ë‚˜ë¥´ìƒ¤ ì´ì¶œë™ : ì‹œì›ì´ì™€ ì„±ë£¡ë‹˜ì˜ ìž¬íšŒâ™¥ Siwon will be appeared on tv show 'Happy together' with Jackie Chan! http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?oid=108&aid=0002274299&sid1=106&backUrl=%2Fmain.nhn%3Fmode%3DLSD%26sid1%3D106 …



    a traditional dish we make in Islam's verion of christmas, which is tomorrow
























    my sister and i made it, i did all the decoration praise me

    wow it look good :stare:

    in here we dont really celebrate it like Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-adha even it's national holiday.

  6. hello :smile:


    oh, i mean what i saw in concerts in Asian country. there's really few amounts of fanboys. since there will be always peoples side eyeing you if you are fanboys of boygroup. this stereotype though.

    that's why boys kinda surprised about the amount of fanboys in South America SS5 before, i think they even mention it.

    as of twitter, hmm i don't really follow fans so idrk hehehehe.


    oh yea, asian fanboy rarely come to concert because reason that eggies said. i dont know how big asian sj fanboy are esp compare to western. but i think Sj attrack good amount of fanboy not like many people said.



    @eunbi yea, he has many fanboys, some fanboy who i met said that siwon inspire them to have great body lol


    @Kelly hi, happy birtday. im sorry cant do pic/gif, im using phone.

  7. @eggies i believe u, u even use that pic as ur DP lol. n thank u.



    hmm Kibum though hahahaha.

    he's number one in gay fancafe among all idols around suju first year. this is in Korea though.

    let say international fans kinda hate/dislike leeteuk,but he has many guy fans in pann board.


    i barely saw fanboys in Asian country, so i don't really know actually if kyuhyun has many hahahaha.

    oh this made remember that guy fan who come to teuk enlistment, so sweet lol.


    i think suju have many fanboys in Asia but easier to found them in twitter than kpop forum. but like awieli said majority are siwon n donghae fans lol. when i watch SS4, i see a bunch of boys wore shirt with siwon face pic on it. i only found 1 kyu fanboy in twitter.

  8. hi,


    i see some interesting discussion :la:


    @Ticklesmyfancy great post *insert clap gif*


    @Tori intimate note (kyu's anonymous letter n members reaction :har:), come to play 2009 (from this show i learn how weird some members are esp yesung :lol:), strong heart Mr. simple comeback, minidrama, some eps of star king n star golden bell. it'll be long list if i include SJ-M show too.


    talk about variety show i have a confession/rant. in first year as SJ/kpop fan, i didnt join fandom. well i had no interest to social media back then. i only watch mv, live perf, variety show that my sis n cousin give then fangirling with them. in variety show, i love when they attack each other, i think it was funny (yeah im shallow lol :ninja:) even if the target is my bias. but now it's different, when xxx member attack yyy member im afraid yyy get offended. i cant fully enjoy it like before :unsure:.


    @Kittehkutz hard choice, but i pick twin n you're the one. twin is one of my fav title track :lub:






    random: because heechul n kangin are back. i demand an epic Suju-t performance in Smtown week concert like in SS2. please.

  9. hi, gamers


    my name is hana. i have posted in SJ thread for a few times, but i always forgot to visit this thread. so here i am to say hello to all of you. :chu:


    ah for the poll, i voted for too much. i know it wasnt his best performance vocally because he was sick. but i love the song (i like sad song lol) n can feel emotion from kyu. he interpret the song well n im as audience can receive the massage of the song.

  10. hi, ladies..
    this thread move so much :omg:

    I used to really like them a lot too before SID stole my heart, but have you visited their artist thread? ^_^ 

    no, i havent. i know nothing about them except their release, so i dont have know what to talk about them. but i think i'll lurk in that thread before greet n post in there :ninja:

    hi Hana~ I'm Liz... a donghae biased ahjumma  :stud:

    hi, liz. im also an ahjumma. but im an innocent for ahjumma standard :stud:

    i used to like sakura before he left.. now i m all for hyde and his Breathtaking vocal <3   
    4th avenue cafe is my fav..
    btw those halfshirtless yeye and kyu pit were from SS4 DVD????


    yes, he's awesome. everytime i hear their live album, i rly regret that i dint watch their concert but it happened few days after SS4 n i didnt have enough money to watch both concert -_- . 4th avenue is also one my fav song beside daybreak's bell, finale, n jojoushi.

    Yep ^^ I live in Taiwan.

    Unfortunately, I have not lived here too long so I don't know too much about Taiwanese ELF yet. (I am hoping to get involved once things settle down at work). As for Henry's song, I don't know if it is a project. I'm sure they are probably working hard to support him. However, Henry's song is actually very popular here. His album is all over the place, and I've heard both 1-4-3 and Trap played in a lot of stores. I think because Henry's family is Taiwanese, it is easy for him to be accepted here. Taiwanese people are very proud of their own. Probably even more so than Korea and Japan. Because Taiwan is so small and not as well known, they are usually very supportive of anyone who is Taiwanese, especially in the entertainment and arts area.

    But yeah, Henry is indeed popular here~


    lol same qurl

    actually, never cared about kpop that much other than suju

    i mean i'll listen to a few hip-hop or ballad artists, but suju's the only group i stan

    oh, glad to hear that. i was sad that only few fans came to his fansigning event in korea, but different in taiwan thousand of Elf came. hope the album sold well.
    well same, beside suju, i only listen brown eyed soul (not kpop tho), but only god know when will they make new album :._.: . i only like NoNoNo n shinee's album from this year release.


    btw when my favs group dont rly active (suju, Tvxq, beast), I dig suju's live esp kyu's n wookie's solo performance, n also BES's old album. after only hear them for some months i cant stand to hear other groups esp the one with nasal main vocalist :omgwtf: .


    Ah, I understand. You know what frustrates me? SJ has all these fabulous subunits but they're rarely properly promoted. I feel like Eunhae would do so well in Korea but they're shafted to Japan to promote singles and it's just weird to me. They're two of the most popular members in both Korea and China so releasing an album and mini with proper group promotion would be amazing but it's not happening and I don't know why.  :unsure:
    Let's not get started on SJ-M or the oldest subgroup KRY...

    actually eunhae's songs arent my cup of tea, but i love i wanna dance so i kinda exciting when heard their comeback rumour, but yeah.

    about SJ kry, my gut feeling said they'll more active when yesung comeback n eunsihae go enlist, but who know...



    One thing I'll never understand is fans complaining about Sungmin not getting enough lines and/or exposure.


    agree, for 4th vocalist he get enough lines. but i think it's because after yesung leave almost all his part give to kyu n wookie, so other members seem get no many lines compare them. tbh kyu n wookie are my top biases but i get annoyed when hear they dominate the songs lol. please give line to other members esp sungmin, kangin, n shindong.

    n for exposure, actually sm give many oppoturnity, since sj debut era he appear in many variety show, radio DJ-ing, n even role in drama but unfortunately he didnt get as much fame as other members like heechul n kangin. sad, but it's beyond his n company control.


    You know who doesn't get enough lines: Shindong. This kid deserves more lines and more dance breaks.


    yesss, i love his voice. if only he has interest in singing n get more lines


  11. 2- Much of what you say is guesswork and things that Hangeng said, I not saying they are lies but also I can not believe them, just as he had reason to leave SM, SM had reasons not to put interest in him.


    The best thing is forget, forgive no matter who is right and move on. :)


    2. not only hangeng, but other members said so.


    "The best thing is forget, forgive no matter who is right and move on. :)"


    yes, SM as a company or their strategy are nowhere near perfect, but if they learn from their mistake an improve for sake their own artist, i appreciate that.

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