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  1. Ah yes, because anybody who might have the audacity to posit that bisexual people actually exist, moreover, that idols who you don't actually know and are assuming are gay for reasons that could all theoretically be red herrings might be bisexual instead of homosexualis just being delusional. :)


    I definitely don't think that most of those guys are bisexual, and I think sometimes "bisexual" is misused in this thread as a placeholder for "idk/not sure, but they're weird" which is lame, but can we not act like thinking somebody might not be strictly homosexual is delusion? That's erasure, and I feel like this thread would be long dead, or at least not as long and storied, if there were no dissenting opinions or discussion. If somebody says an idol that you think is gay is straight or bisexual maybe consider trying to explain why you happen to think the opposite. That'd be a better contribution to the thread, for sure.


    Also, being just plain rude to open-minded people who come into this thread asking for opinions while offering theirs (the ones who aren't trolling especially), ain't cute. 


    It's not erasure to point out that some people are delusional about certain idols. When people are calling guys like Key, Jaejoong, and Heechul bisexual you know something's up, and that something is them willfully ignoring the obvious. It happens a lot with the super-in-your-face homosexual guys. People want to pretend to be open minded, while adamantly not giving up that last tiny shred of heteronormativity.

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  2. As a bisexual woman I still think BTS is one of the gayest groups that exist at the moment  :derp: And my gaydar has ever failed me in real life either, but real life and guessing from videos and pics is still kinda different  :rlytearpls:


    V to me is super gay tbh idk if gay or bi tbh but I could bet money that he's super into men, same for Jungkook. And Rapmon, no matter how many people that's lgbt you know, if you yourself aren't even a tiny bit part of it, you wouldn't bother going so far as Rapmon does, he's kinda like Jonghyun imo, just that Jonghyun has a different style to do it lol and jackson.... And even Suho, and most people here suspect Suho, Jonghyun and Jackson so I'm realy curious why despite Rapmon being similar most of you are still sure he's straight? :._.:


    A thought occurred to me. Maybe it's because he's not as conventionally attractive as the others  :omg:

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  3. That is confusing . The host said you have girlfriends and stuff? So I'm assuming that he is asking him if he had lots of girlfriends. In that context that's how it sounds. Now maybe if he said you had a lot of female friends or fangirls it would have been different . But if he is asking about friends he should have just said friends , he didn't need to specify gender . So he's asking him if he had a lot of girl friends ? If so in Korea is it normal for guys to have a lot of girl friends and not girlfriends ? Here we would think that guy is gay if he had a lot of girl friends . But wouldn't girls want to date him more then be his friend.Wait, why would Joon want to avoid the answer of girlfriends . Unless in the Korean context he just is talking about friends. Either that or he wants to be sly and hint . I know you wouldn't , but other people would probably use this one moment to discredit Joon's biness but he has other gay shit that can't be avoided . He just makes himself obvious . Respect.


    You're reading into it too much. He was being asked about his dating life and he didn't want to give a direct answer, so he gave a cheeky ambiguous one that could be interpreted platonically or romantically at the listener's discretion.


    I do think he's bi and he's not afraid to hint at it though. He could've easily just said "I had many friends", but he went the Schrodinger's Bisexual route like a boss :hoplz:

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  4. At least people stopped fighting on his instagram and the comments are positive.





    There are still some stupid people though....



    Basically saying that she will kill any woman that gets close to Sehun.  :wth: ignoring that Sehun quite "confessed" to being gay plus being a crazy entitled fan. Her life must be fun.





    I agree that fighting on his instagram is stupid but what probably makes Sehun uncomfortable is that instead of supporting him, his fans fight and don't want to aknowledge that he may be gay. Got to love when you have the courage to test the waters and you're crushed by a wave  :hoplz:


    The last person seems to be mistaken. Calling someone gay is a compliment of the highest order :hoplz:

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  5. I almost said this in my earlier post. Like the reason all these fans are upset is because he actually does seem like he is gay and they all know it. Would this whole defensive...thing have unfolded the same had it been another, "straighter" member who said it? 


    The only other idols who I ever see having their heterosexuality defended by defensive fans are people like Key and Heechul and...I mean, enough said. 


    I see you haven't encountered Tao fans. Consider yourself lucky, they're basically cancer and definitely one of the outright creepiest fandoms I've come across  :omgwtf:


    But you do have a point. The most overtly homophobic fandoms seem to belong to the gayest seeming idols. Jaejoong, GD, and Sungjong all have really homophobic fandoms too that I've observed.

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  6. If there were no grounds for suspicion, as it were, everyone would laugh. (Korean fans most likely did.) It's precisely that the possibility is real why this little quote became a topic.


    This tbh. If it wasn't a threat then they wouldn't feel threatened, period. But it is a threat, because no matter how much they want him to be straight, they can clearly see the possibility that he isn't, and it scares and infuriates them.


    "Respect the words coming out of his mouth" when your bias says he likes girls

    "You're reading into it too much" when he says he likes guys

    All roads lead to oppa being straight

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  7. I'm thoroughly convinced that the industry is consciously becoming more gay over the years to test the waters and try to sway public opinion. A proper gay agenda :hoplz: I don't know if Sehun is in on it, but either way I feel like it's gonna reach a breaking point sooner rather than later. People keep bringing up old gay rumors or releasing new ones, there have been multiple full on mouth kisses (not including that kiss that was accidentally caught on livestream), and since fall at least 3 male idols have explicitly said they like men (as opposed to the hinting or gender neutral stuff). Not to mention all the rampant homoeroticism.

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  8. I can definitely see Jaejoong going the J-rock route more in the future. His solo aesthetic isn't really appreciated in Korea much outside of his fanbase, but there's a proper market for it in Japan. He's also hinted at wanting to do more stuff in Japan anyway, like in 2015 when he said he wanted to try making a cook book or something of that nature in Japanese  :derp:


    As for why JYJ are being blocked in Korea, it's because they're being made into an example. "You might have the law on your side, you might have the fans on your side, but if you cross your company you will never have the media on your side and there's nothing you can do about it." Their success must never be allowed to be too great, it has to be bittersweet or else other idols might start getting it into their heads that they can leave their companies and still continue their careers happily too.

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