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  1. 1 hour ago, satoori said:

    do psycho fit with in the criteria?


    edit: found

    (Nominees) Song of the Year

    • Baek Yerin - Square (2017)
    • BLACKPINK - How You Like That
    • BTS - Dynamite
    • Hwasa - María
    • IU - Eight (Prod. & Feat Suga of BTS)
    • MC The Max - Bloom
    • OH MY GIRL - Nonstop
    • Red Velvet - Psycho
    • SSAK3 - Beach Again
    • Zico - Anysong

    however psycho were not one of the winners of mma top 10 this year - not sure how this will affect their chances. 🤔



    it still did better than all songs on charts. mma is all judge voting tho (?). we'll see tonight i guess

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  2. I've realized that some of the finest actors belong to these two companies - BH Entertainment and Artist Company. So, choose which combo you like more. It can be based on acting, looks, personality..anything. All I know is that I had a hard time picking



    Yoo Ji Tae

    KBSWORLD TV Drama 2019] Different Dreams, 이몽 - Page 25 - k-dramas & movies - Soompi  Forums


    Lee Byung Hun

    Pin on Byung Hun


    Go Soo♥


    20+ Go Soo ideas | go soo, korean actors, actors  고수 심각 걱정 염려 이어폰 배우 잘생김 훈남 GIF - GoSoo Serious Worried - Discover & Share  GIFs


    Lee Jin Wook♥

    조국 윤석열┫ OPA66.COM ┣철도노조 11일부터 파업 | Aktor korea, Aktor, Selebritas





    Lee Jung Jae♥

    ( looks 10 times better in motion)

    26 times Lee Jung Jae's smile left you speechless | Lee jung, Best  supporting actor, Speechless


    Jung Woo Sung  + legendary gif

    Thumbnail Pann] Jung Woo Sung at 25 years old ~ Netizen Buzz | Jung woo sung, Woo  sung, Jung woo

    The Ha Jung Woo

    the man, the myth, the legend


    Pin on Ha Jung-Woo

    holy trinity

    Jung Woo Sung, Ha Jung Woo, and Lee Jung Jae W Korea 2018 June


    I know it's hard 😔  still, last three actors are just... *chef kiss* 

    what about you?

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  3. 1 hour ago, Recca said:

    It happens when the site shut down for as long as it did we all found different ways to follow Joy. Though twitter isnt my favorite its what i use mostly now, though the flame wars 🙄. I miss spazzing with everybody here at least in this Joy page. Oh well just trying to keep at least this page going with update even if noone comes back. Good luck with college. Finals just started for me as well. 

    Thanks, i'm crying and studying!
    True..there were times when i wanted to visit this site and gossip with everyone, then i'd remember it shut down. I use instagram mostly, but i visit twitter from time to time(though fanwars are severe..)

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  4. On 12/2/2019 at 10:26 AM, Recca said:

    I have been good, a little sick but what can you do. Really enjoying all the goodness Joy has been giving us I mean have you seen her fan cams from La Rouge! She is unstoppable and on a mission to kill us. How have you been sushi?

    ugh, tell me about it. she's living her  best life

    I've been good, i'm trying to finish my college while fangirling. it's not easy. I see not many people are active here either, it's kinda sad that we all went our way, but we have our own lives and responsibilities, so it can't be helped🤗 

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