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    Ok so......there is that article talking about Suzy signing with MakeUs Ent (Urban Zakapa agency).

    I thought it was bullshit/ another click bait article but Suzy recently deleted all her posts promoting other jypn songs... + new collab with a singer from MakeUS....

    But jype created her personnal site, youtube, fb...etc and I doubt they would do that for someone leaving two months after right? Or is it a desperate way to convince her to stay knowing that she wants to leave?


    Idk what to think now ??






    FB page, fanpage, youtube, those are not permanent and JYPE had deleted other artistes aforementioned platform before. Being JYPE 2nd largest money maker, not doubt they will try their best to keep her. Hence the recent activities of Suzy (fanmeet, solo debut, reality show). But their 'best' effort may not be best in Suzy opinion, they had 7 years and they're pretty much passive in growing her as an artist. She's like money machine for cfs (I ranted this in the past few years lol). So Suzy might consider a different environment for herself.


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  2. Let's just hope that both track will do well. At the end of the day I don't really care if its a ballad or dance as long as its Suzy I will look forward to it :)


    I think Suzy can handle both ballad and dance track. As long as it's Suzy song I will support it.


    Suzy most likely staying for a few years seeing how they are creating sites for her and opening up her own jype fan.


    It's most likely 1-2 years contract. Sites, jype.fan are nothing, they can delete it anytime like how they did with Sunmi after she joined WG.

  3. Pre-release track on 17 Jan is just one song, and probably not the title track (unconfirmed)

    Full album release on 24 Jan


    On why it's in Chinese, it's because the MV was filmed in Hong Kong, hence the usage of Traditional Chinese on the teaser. From the style of the teaser we've seen since MAMA, it's really a reminiscent of old HK movie, back in the 90's. In fact the MAMA teaser reminded me of Wong Kar Wai's "Chungking Express".


    Whether it will have a Chinese version, we don't know yet. 

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    Your post almost made me go MissA thread and check what happening there :lol: â€¦but I won’t. Because I easily can guess what kind of post I see there and I don’t need to read those.
    Here my 2 cents.

    I gave up long time ago to explain/fight with them. So what new? There are always some kind of people who blame on others when things not going their way….so let them be. In the end, they never get what they want. Meanwhile Sueweeties can just enjoy coming Suzy drama, her OST, her activities. Who care others? What OT4? Sorry, but I don’t feel sorry :hehe: To me, those negative opinion even doesn’t worth to pay attention anymore/or ruin spazz feeling for upcoming Suzy big event





    I agree. I wonder why Sueweeties still want to go there, obviously we're not welcomed there and they (rarely) post Suzy update just for keeping appearances sake while shading her in non-group threads and other platform.  Stinks sewer hypocrite when they were protesting against Suzy solo 'for the sake of group comeback' while celebrate like it's 2nd coming of Christ when Fei solo was announced. With group thread acting like this, you still harbor hope for them? LMAO.



    Let's focus on Suzy solo activities. We should be celebrating that she's finally coming back to TV, OST doing well, and possibly solo album with self composition in the work. Have faith in Suzy! 

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    Sueweeties! I'll be posting all the mocked badges here in different category.

    In behalf of all the possible badges, we're gonna choose the top 10(may change) and submit it in the Official Miss A Award Voting Thread.

    We still have time coz the deadline for the suggestions were on June 18,2016.

    You guys can suggest as per category.(Just message me and I'll add it)

    And in this category, please choose your top 2.

    But if you guys don't want the idea, then we can discuss it here.




    First Category: First Look(Hanbok)


    1. 4l7cS70.png


    2. fPHWq0B.png (sharpened one)


    3. eNg2ptd.png


    4. I8YDH4A.png(sharpened one)


    5. gcRku3A.png


    6. LEW5ggb.png(sharpened one)


    7. bkn7FxV.png


    8. xHt5jTw.png(sharpened one)


    9. Tk4EADk.png


    10. huHSuwd.png(sharpened one)


    11. m1V1eCd.png


    12. bDEA2Od.png(sharpened one)





    Btw, If you guys will suggest a mocked badge already please make it 100 x 100 pixels.


    Mock Badges Guidelines:


    Official pictures only. No fantaken photos.

    Selcas are only allowed for OTPs.

    All pictures should be of a reasonably high quality.

    Only screenshots from music videos and CFs are allowed(not a fantaken video).

    Screenshots from fancams are prohibited.

    Artists' faces must be clearly visible.

    Tumblr-like edits/overly edited images are prohibited.

    Mock badges must be as centered as possible.



    I love you!!! 


    I'll choose no.1 anyday  :ahmagah:

  6. I think she change her technique since Dorihwaga. I won't suprise if the teacher who instructs Suzy for pansori is from JYPE. Because when I heard Suzy's voice in Dream, I was baffled why did her singing change? I thought if she learn to sing pansori doesn't that mean her sing should be better than before. From what I can tell is, pansori needs all voice. But she uses half-voice half-air in Dream.




    Her pansori teacher is a very well known pansori singer, Park Ae Ri. And where does this half-voice, half-air assumption came from? Suzy never said it. The amount of salt on JYP singing technique is reaching in here (though I do joke abt it sometimes). 


    IMO, I think Suzy vocalization have improved (stronger & controlled). Her singing style have changed too. It's really depending on personal taste on what kind of music/singing style you'd like her to be #shrugs

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    About Jia, it spreaded lowkey since yesterday, so I was already expecting the news this morning. Comments on korean sites has not been negative toward Suzy, if there's any hostilities you would see those in OH & akp, but then again, nothing new. It's ok to defend Suzy when need without dragging other members.


    miss A is not disbanding (same goes to 2AM) but don't expect any comeback soon. Suzy's contract is due next year, que sera sera........


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  8. So I tought it will be air at the same time as Korean air it.. But if they took sometime to sub it will be an hours delay?


    Simultaneously aka same time. Upon post-production KBS-Samhwa Production will send the whole drama to Youku for subbing & SARFT censorship.


    That's why there are risks of leaks. Coz someone in Youku & SARFT already watched the whole drama before airing date XD

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  9. So Youku one, I can answer you all that it will be subbed in Chinese. China changed their regulation and no longer allow live stream of kdrama without being pre-censored by SARFT. That is why we see many kdrama going into pre-production trend, so that they can get SARFT approval and sell to Chinese broadcast in time. The only negative thing about this is that SARFT will edit/censor part deemed threatening China policy, and risk of leaked episode/spoilers.

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