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  1. @Yellow Sprout I wanted to say thank you so much for helping to keep this thread updated. Nowadays I don't have a lot of time to be online due to some issues but whenever I log in you already covered everything, I'm really so thankful. It's a shame I don't get reactions enough for all your posts


    17 hours ago, Yellow Sprout said:

    191030 WayV announced Fanmeeting Tour in Wuhan Culture Expo Center (November 23rd)



    Thank goodness, tickets were available  since a while ago but they were selling really poorly since most fans were waiting for confirmation first

    8 hours ago, ohmymistake said:

    does anyone else find it difficult to listen to the album in public?

    Ohhh why is it difficult for you?



    1 hour ago, Zenist said:

    New to WayV, can someone point to me who are the top vocalists/dancers/rapper in the group?

    Welcome to the thread!!
    WayV has never released an official profile including their detailed positions, so it's hard to give you an exact answer. This is my personal opinion:

    Main vocalists: Kun and Xiaojun 

    Main Dancers: Ten and Winwin

    Main Rapper: Yangyang

    Lucas and Hendery are both rappers but they can dance as well~


  3. Titled "2GETHER 2 GET THERE" it includes several different projects for promoting Winwin and charity acts

    1. A whole train from Beijing airport line decorated from floor to ceiling with Winwin ads. The first person to ever have and ad featured there as the permit for it is extremely difficult to obtain, especially during sep/oct because it's the busiest travel season.


    2. Longxiangqiao station ads in Hanzghou, covering 3 walls, 8 lightboxes and 3 colums for a whole month including Golden Week (busiest travel season). The first individual ad ever made there


    3. Special movie screenings across different cities in China for people with visual impairment, with professional radio broadcasters making live commentary. This project will last for a whole year (!)


    4. A giant screen light show (made with 400,000 LED lights) across the sea bridge in Bohaiwan (total lenght 300 meters)

    5. Birthday support ads for a total of 175 LED boxes and 296 airport TVs. Displayed on two busy tourist cities (Hangzhou and Xiamen) airports for half a month, covering 5 terminals, 640.000m²

    6. 22 large LED screens in cinemas in Beijing and Wenzhou with birthday support messages


    As usual WinwinBar doing the most to retribute Winwin's hard work and love for his fans :lovestruck:

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