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  1. Best: 2011. I was 12-13, didn’t have to worry about anything. Got to sit around and play Xbox all day.

    Worst: 2017. Worst year of my life and it isn’t really even close. I was so fucking depressed, this was when my mental illness really started to show. I surrounded myself with toxic people and did nothing but troll Onehallyu and shit all day. I was in a dark place. Id go on social media and post emo shit as a cry for help, but it did me no good. I didn’t deserve anyone’s sympathy. I did graduate high school in 2017, however, which was a sigh of relief. I started college in 2018 so my life improved quite a bit, however, I’m still depressed as hell in 2020. I have faith that’ll change, though.

  2. I smoke a shit ton of weed. Not a good way to cope. Started out doing it for fun, then I realized it made me sort of numb to the shit that goes on in my head. Also listen to a lot of music.

    Counseling helps a lot. I also take medication, but it doesn’t really work. I’d recommend having a friend or someone close to you that you can talk to about it. I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it anymore, but when I did it made me feel a lot better.

  3. I have lost all faith of LOONA being a top group.

    Now, their label is just giving into all the overused and recycled girl crush trends in all of K-Pop, taking away their charm. There's nothing special about them now that they're going down the road of being a lame ass hip-hop group or whatever their label is going for. LOONA was the opposite of all of that recycled bullshit.. now they're just doing more of the same.

    I'm disappointed as fuck. I've been waiting a damn YEAR since Butterfly, and this is the fucking song?? Literally every single song LOONA has released up to this point has been at least passable, but this is just awful.

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