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  1. same goes for astro!

  2. I hope Up10tion disbands.

  3. Thanks for the add, man.

    1. Hormones


      Yep you seem cool :)

  4. absolutely digging that username, man

  5. Can’t escape

  6. Can’t escape

  7. goddamn, i fuckin love jiu

  8. your dp and sig <3333

  9. man I just realized Choerry is your dp and member title

  10. Your sig has me mesmerized, wow..

  11. Just so many shades of black

  12. your dp is adorable

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    2. Nowhere Boy

      Nowhere Boy

      ohh wow rlly?? who's your bias?

    3. Hyeri


      Yoohyeon/Jiu. But I think I lean more towards Jiu ^^

    4. Nowhere Boy

      Nowhere Boy

      ohh wow, taste!! they're such queens, I <3 them

  13. Don't carry the world upon your shoulders

  14. heeyyy jude

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    2. Nowhere Boy

      Nowhere Boy

      same man, just chillaxin

    3. lee jaeyeol

      lee jaeyeol

      and having a tragic profile

    4. Nowhere Boy

      Nowhere Boy

      at least my profile actually has something on it

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