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  1. 23 hours ago, hlynb93 said:

    Yeah but she has a mature look and he has a baby face that's better suited to high school roles or younger looking female leads. The two of them are supposed to be the same age in the drama.

    The two characters are not supposed to have an age gap though

    He wants to do more roles where he gets to act more his age and not keep playing a teenager. 

  2. 7 hours ago, HB23 said:

    if he continues on behaving this way wouldn’t more people have come out to expose him? meanwhile there’s been no further additional info to the story regarding about his behaviour, meanwhile seo yeji is under massive fire. and guess what? that’s exactly what’s happening with seo yeji right now too, with more and more people exposing her psychotic ass 

    this issue with kim jung hyun got rehashed again because he’s currently in a contract dispute with his agency, maybe read the context first instead of assuming things? and hey, the same thing happened with kang daniel too when he was in a dispute with his previous agency. 

    im not even defending him here and i think regardless of his mental health, it doesn’t give him a free pass to be so shitty towards his colleagues, and an apology is the bare minimum of what’s required from him. it being so late is definitely horrible, and i won’t be surprised if it’s because he was being too fucking cowardly about the whole thing. but YOU don’t pretend you know what’s happening too if you’re gonna pull this rhetoric on me 

    Yeah, I was confused as well when someone said it was repeated behavior and I’m not even a fan. 

  3. 17 minutes ago, lighterxx said:

    Isn't there like over 20 hypoallergenic dog breeds?? Like Youngjae is fine but do all groups have someone with allergy? And ones that do, why not another breed for once T^T?? I saw brown of those dogs too, why not them for example, it makes me mix all of them up 

    Maybe this is the popular breed in Korea and depending where you live they only let certain breeds in their places as well.  GOT7 couldn't even do the buzzfeed video with dogs or cats, because so many members allergic to fur. lol

     Yugyeom has a black dog now. I think he has to take medicine though for his own dog. 

  4. A lot of idols probably have these dogs because they are small and hypo-allergenic animals. One reason why Youngjae has Coco because he was allergic to fur and GOT7 had a cat in dorm which was JB's that he had to give to a friend because Youngjae was allergic. 





    fuckyeahchoiyoungjae.tumblr.com ❤ — 14032017 Princess CoCo 2nd Birthday.  Happy...




    GOT7's Youngjae Launches Clothing Line Collaboration With Pet Dog Coco |  Soompi

  5. 3 hours ago, starxlight said:

    And that's the problem. His lyrics for all his girlgroups are childish expect for feel special. 

    miss A did not have childish songs, what are you saying?  Also, Wonder Girls? 


    3 hours ago, loveablejoy said:

    I understand what you mean. BP seem like adults, Itzy seem like....kids 😬

    ITZY are kids, Yuna is still in high school. I feel like ITZY makes age appropriate music.

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  6. 7 hours ago, Angel_Nessa said:

    sure. When Rain left he opened J.tune and started debuted a group called MBLAQ. He had some business problems, and to help him JYP bought his shareholds of the entertainment company and he enlisted. Rain and JYP are really close.

    JYPent let Jackson to open Team Wang, but he couldn't work as a solo in Korea and Japan due to his contract with JYPent. 

    After leaving JYPent, he signed with a Korean company to work there. Now, he needs to stop supporting so much CCP cause Koreans don't like this.


    that's a big loss for the company. 

    for 2 comebacks in a row that Day6 couldn't promote. I understand the reasons why they couldn't promote, but it's complicate for JYPent and its investitors

    you're right

    GOT7 was a transitional group. JYPent used to manage all their groups' comebacks, and JYP used to write most of his groups' title songs. Then in 2014, JYPent let 2PM to have a comeback with a self produced song. And they did well. So JYPent decided to test the water by letting GOT7 promoting a 2nd song composed by GOT7's leader after the end of their promos for the title song. The response was positive. So JYPent let GOT7 to start having a comeback with self composed songs. The problem is that most of their self composed songs didn't have great response with the K-audience, the biggest exception was 'Look'. 



    in fact Rain left to open his own company and debut his own boygroup. And he did it about 2 years after leaving JYPent. 

    I agree that Jae should see how's the entertainment world out of JYPent. JYPent has a good record of not blocking their former artists. 

    In fact, Jae can leave JYPent at any moment. San.E and Sumni left JYPent before the end of their contracts, and they were not blocked.

    San.E was invited to be a judge on Sixteen and Sumni came back to JYPent and last year she released a song with JYP. 


    as I said above ^ Jae can leave JYPent at any moment.  Now, it's better to be smarter than Jessica and Jay Park that decided to go against their former companies cause broadcast companies may block him cause we know that between an entertainment company and an artist, broadcast companies will side with entertainment companies which are constantly producing new groups and making profitable deals with them. 

    Please stop first you disappeared and never said anything after GOT7 proved you wrong about Encore and now you making things about public responses to self-composed GOT7 title songs. No other song GOT7 had as a self promoted title got promoted like Look did and it’s not as if non GOT7 self- composed title tracks did any better on the charts with the K public either. It made no sense for JYPE to not give more control to GOT7 after Look.


    Also, Sungin going to the military is the main reason DAY6 can’t promote and DAY6 will be fine just like last time because Zombie got a very good response even without promos.


       Jae has a right to complain about a company he’s under as an employer and call them out if he wants. Day6 contracts are up next year and maybe Jae wants to stick it out for the group because he loves his members, so he’s going to wait it out and then we’ll see what the members want to do. Maybe Jae goes back to his family and chills. 

    Hell maybe GOT7 inspired their friends to do like them, you never know. 

    You continue to jump through hoops for JYPE as if you on their payroll I could never.



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  7. One thing I do like about some GOT7 members is that they tell fans to live their lives and that they set boundaries, They don’t give in to the delusions that they will marry or date them. 

    But people get obsessed about anything even fictional characters. We have had people send death threats to mangakas just because their ship did not happen or one of their favorite characters got killed.  People who have run translators from companies like Viz because they don’t the translation.

    Its crazy how people get attached to stuff. Sure if I’m having a bad day I can watch a GOT7 video to feel better or watch my favorite anime but at the end of the day thats where it stops, I don’t depend on it fully either. 

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  8. 10 hours ago, loveablejoy said:

    I guess because in her 1st statement she said she didn't remember anything and that only thing happened was a quarrel. The victim said in their 1st meeting that Soojin denied everything & that she didn't remember anything.

    I only remember her saying she didn't remember the juice incident not everything and the accuser is saying that but that's only one side where Soojin has refuted that now. 

    I think this statement is very detailed and concise as you can get. 

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  9. I don't understand why people keep saying she doesn't remember, all she said in the first statement is that she doesn't remember the juice incident.  The accuser keeps saying she doesn't remember but it could be just about the juice incident since it's a blanket statement. 


    I'm not a fan but I do read and believe people just cherry picked the I don't remember part to encompass everything when that's not what the first statement said. 

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