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  1. tumblr_nlvcxaYxtm1t7rvrjo1_400.gif


    LMAO hahaha Joy so cute  :rlytearpls: (even when in tears :rlytearpls: )


    It's okay /pats/ I know a lot of Fil RV fans who can't come too (including me T^T) Let us cry a river together  :cry:

    At least there's fancams (that sound more depressing  :._.: )


    Yes, fancams are definitely more depressing :(


    If you can go to the airport, please go there later and catch some glimpse of them. Hopefully, we can get many fancams from PH fans too. :D


    It's ok though. I believe RV will come to the PH in the future. Their own solo concert, maybe? :D




    Guys!!!!! RV is on the way to the Philippines already! Gawd I will be seeing them tomorrow!


    Gosh I feel like it was a waste I bought my tickets early. I saw someone on Twitter selling a VIP ticket for 4.5k... that was like the same price for Upper Box A. I feel wronged lol


    Anyway gosh I am so tempted to forget sleep and welcome RV at the airport. Been thinking of going or waiting at the hotel they will be staying but I am broke as fuck ;(


    Now these are the kind of posts I don't want to see right now hahahaha just joking  :chu: sorryI'm just a bit bitter lol  :derp:

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  2. I'll tell you guys a very sad story. RV will come here tomorrow in the Philippines and I can't go  :unsure: I heard there will be a MEET AND GREET. Wth man. I really wanted to see Irene's beauty in real life, Seulgi's adorable aura in real life, Joy's mischievousness in real life, Yeri's super duper cuteness in real life and Wendy in real life  :unsure: but I can't huhuhu okay rant over, Now tell me a sadder thing than that  :cry:

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  3. Hi guys! This is my second post here in this thread (I'm guilty of lurking more in the RV thread because of ICC comeback :lol:) But I just wanna share to you the video I just watched. :derp: I honestly died at the 4:04-4:18 mark. Chorong is so damn pretty.  :lub:  :lub:  :lub:


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  4. No rumor member. We just discuss about reality or variety show for RV and someone come up with WGM. There is nothing to worry about. :D


    Oh ok thanks man.  :hurr: speaking of variety shows, aren't they supposed to film Weekly Idol just like in their Happiness promotions? I've been waiting for that  :derp: although I'm also still waiting for the APink one lol

  5. FINALLY got the time to lurk here at OH.  :._.: been stressed all weekend, but Red Velvet gives me life  :lub: anyways, 2 out of 4 possible music show wins. Not bad considering they were up against EXO at Inkigayo. I think this is it for the music show awards for the girls. Next week, all I'll hear is EXO, EXO and EXO. Oh well. I'm just gonna depend on you guys for the latest RV activities outside of music shows  :derp: btw, why is WGM mentioned in this thread? Someone from RV gonna join? Pleeeease no  :omg:  not yet. I'm not ready lol  :omgwtf:

  6. they can still be nominated this week cuz even tho miss A and exo coming back this week don't think they can be nominated yet. Probably next week.  So... good chance of being nominated.  Winning another story.  Don't know who they will be up against and we need to do our very best and perfect sns again  :hurr:


    I see. Let's do our best to make them win all the music shows this week! (Looking at you Mnet :>_>: ) 


    yeah :hurr: JYP is such a man. Nonetheless, i'm happy seeing MissA back to the scenes. Beside Suzy, the members r struggling so hard. They need a sucessful comeback, and they got it  :rlytearpls: 




    yeah, I'm also happy for them  :ahmagah: just worried that the other three members will be cast aside (which I think is already happening) but any media attention is good for Miss A as a group right now because they're struggling, as you've said already  :unsure: 




    Anyways, how is EXO doing in the charts by the way? And what's the status of ICC's standings as well? Does someone have the info? Thanks  :derp:


    maybe i don't dig in MissA's sounds from the beginning :lol: I love BGGG but none of their follow up releases. MV is nice done but the sound definitely not for me

    edit: ah, i love Hush :lol: lol




    Yes, Hush was also nice  :derp: I Don't Need a Man was okay, but I prefer Miss A going for the fierce, bad girl type of sound  :hurr: nevertheless, Only You is nice, but IMO it's not one of their best songs. Their comeback is mostly fueled by Suzy's relationship I believe, and it's working. They're achieving all-kills and achieved 1M views too in less than a day. JYP knew he was up against EXO lol  :datass:


  9. lol. ICC is getting bigger than i thought. If they release 2nd mini this year, they'll have a say goodbye to rookie label and say hello to mid/top tier label  :lol:



    off topic but what do u guys really think about MissA "Only You"? In my genuine opinion, it's quite boring for the wait of 2 years :unsure: 




    It's fantastic for me. They went for the I Don't Need a Man kind of vibe with a touch of Jazz throughout the song. I thought the MV was interesting, but not boring because of the amazing color correction they used  :derp: 


  10. I'm back from my weekend getaway, and my heart is sincerely full of Happiness and Joy right now  :rlytearpls: that I just found out they got their first win in Music Bank yesterday  :rlytearpls:  :rlytearpls:  :rlytearpls: , I don't care what they say about this win being possible just because they're from SM, I'm just really happy for these girls, now that they got their first win... more music shows wins is coming, girls! I love each and every one of you  :chu: huhuhuhu I'm so sorry that I got too emotional  :rlytearpls:





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