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    Virtually within Les Ponts-de-Cé
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    APINK, GFRIEND, VIVIZ, tinaki, yae!

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Trophies and Medals

  1. Snow Globe

    Merry Christmas 2018!

  2. Reindeer

    Merry Christmas 2018!

  3. Secret Love Letter

    You got a secret admirer! 

  4. Full Moon

    Tonight is a full moon beware of the werewolf

  5. Black Cat

    Every other night they bring bad luck but in Halloween they give good luck

  6. Events Team Lightstick

    A lighstick for the Events Team. If you stan them get it so you can show them your support

  7. EXPERT PIN 2017: Hallyu Wave

    A pin representing the Hallyu Wave for participating in the 2017 game of the MemOHry Lane event.

  8. Hamster

    Pet of the Among OH! Event

  9. Twice Light Stick

  10. Red Velvet Light Stick

  11. Loona Light Stick

    A lightstick that Loona fans use to show their support!

  12. WJSN Light Stick

  13. G-Friend Light Stick

  14. APink Light Stick

  15. Taurus

    April 20 - May 20
  16. Pink Mini Crewmate

    Pet of the Among OH! Event

  17. COVID-19 Awareness Ribbon

    A Ribbon to help support those affected by the COVID-19, and those working to protect us all.
    Raise Awareness of the importance of the vaccine.
    Check the advice for the public on COVID-19 from the World Health Organization for detailed documentation.
    As well as the page dedicated to the COVID-19 vaccines.

  18. Sowon Signature

    A signature of Sowon from Gfriend

  19. Ghost


  20. Eula

    Eula from Genshin Impact

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