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  1. It looks like most, if not all, of them are from the Current News and Events section involving topics where people will disagree and take sides. I think some negs should be expected. 


    of course, mods had to hand out WP's 2x in the past week to me because of that section so its always good to be sure lol, thanks hem

  2. NO ONE'S information is ever leaked to anyone. It is stated in our rule book, and we've dished serious consequences for those who even try to attempt leaking personal information from anyone. We have never told anyone why a person has been banned, what warnings they received and the like. That information is purely between the users themselves and the mods and admins. 


    Anyone that knows the reason someone is banned is because they've told someone themselves, revealed to everyone, or was asked to be banned in the ask a mod thread. 

    when kami asked why mods told people she was banned, why did you reply with its not against the rules?

  3. thanks but that wasn't ad hominem. the fact that a repeatedly banned troll (Zhai, not Kami) started all this with the intent to cause this blowout (they themselves saying they want to "get" the mods) is entirely relevant. not sure why it's wrong to point that out as if it doesn't matter when it clearly does.

    it was a circumstantial ad hominem, instead of insulting a person you discredit them based on whether this would benefit them or not

  4. About the rigging of games, this is something I'm not aware of until today.


    I admit it is our fault for the lack of awareness on the situation. Though it's apparently hard for me to be aware of what happened between private skype conversations. Shoutout to Kami for providing excellent screenshots


    Now that we are aware, actions shall be taken.  

    isn't that claim what got kami banned originally??

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  5. either the whole events and awards team gets revamped or half OH will have lost all trust in any future game and recruitment


    the OH staff involved don't even have the audacity to apologize for this, instead they pull out an excuse . No disrespect or anything but that is not going to help your position!

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  6. screenshots were obviously provided, the people involved didn't deny everything yet people are finding a way to blame the people who risked their accounts to leak this info


    LOL nothing will change after this, the rigged games , rigged recruitment,etc will continue , they will just make it impossible for people to leak anymore

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