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  1. 8 hours ago, Sakuras back is hurting said:

    Popularity and views are the last thing i would be bothered by as a Sakura fan?

    You shouldnt be soo bold considering her ✨MOMENT✨ is over soon with IZONE contract termination. This goes to almost all of the members, the little luxury they enjoy in the price of the demise of the victim in PD48 is all short lived. A BLIP. Karma just come around, i dont make that rules.

    Okay but why are you getting too angry over a random video on the internet about fancams?????Confused Thinking GIF

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  2. Are people in this thread being serious????? Lmaooooooo. There's popular top visual line up Top-L-Siwan and L-Ver-Cha on every korean forum and articles, how come you said he isn't top visual? He's basically still being mentioned until this day


    He's also the token male idol character on fanfic along with L.Joe :har:

  3. On 9/20/2020 at 9:21 PM, canis lupus said:

    the lipsync is obvious to me the moment they start singing lmao just the sound quality itself is alr studio quality... but if you want some more solid proof, 1:15 in OP's video, she doesn't even show any sign of effort despite belting a high note, and she closes her mouth too early

    anyway, i'm sure the producers are glad they still manage to fool some people with pre-recorded vocals


    Lmao whatever float your boat then

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